04 May 2011

Polish Armia Krajowa AT team

Nothing special really, but I finished this rather dull duo for my Secrets of the Third Reich Polish partisan platoon. Some well needed AT weapons with a punch. Just have 3 more models left to paint for this platoon which will make up a second LMG team.

Just a couple of pictures of the AT team below and one with a group of A.K. soldiers.

I must say that at this point I'm very happy that I've finished 5 SoTR platoons already since painting more regular non weird infantry is rather boring at this point as you might tell from the half assed paintjob. On the other hand I might invest in some more time and effort in the new support options for SoTR  that are being released, like the small spider mecha and the US native american unit.

As a sidenote, I did get an email today about the mixed up models from Frothers Unite today. I might yet get those "Lurkers in the Dark" miniatures I had initially ordered.


  1. You will have to tell me about your connection with Poland someday, I'm sure its an interesting story.

    On a side note, I was looking to snag some of those Crow Dogs, the Native American soldiers, myself. I know Darkson Designs has a Wendigo and a Medicine Man released- but what were you thinking for the troopers themselves? I've seen concept art for them put out by Darkson, but that is a tricky company for me- I can't seem to find a reliable source that carries their full range, hmm...

  2. Well I'm born in Poland, moved to Sweden at the age of 4. Speak and read Polish with no problem, and all the family beside my parents live in Poland. I also find Poland's history very fascinating.

    About the Crow Dogs, West Wind has some crazy good looking Crow Dogs that come with the Wendingo and the Medicine man in the same pack. I plan to buy one of those packs as soon as it is released which should be soon. Darkson is different in look and size from the West Wind stuff and most other 28mm product lines out there. Not overly fond of most of the Darkson stuff(something about their look is off) but there are cool Darkson models as well.

  3. And it all becomes clear, being an American mutt I lack a deeper, or have a lack there of completely, cultural appreciation. I should get back to my roots, read more on Norwegian commandos or something hmm... :)

    Good news and great news. I would love to keep things all within the West Wind Range as much as possible. Can't wait to see more of these new minis! Yeah, Darkson's AE-WWII are pretty in my opinion, but they look more like action figures than miniatures- or something. Yes, something IS off. Won't stop me from getting some US Robot Troopers though, to match up against Artizan Designs "Panzerbots."


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