27 May 2011

Polish army preparing for battle

Finished painting the 2nd infantry platoon today, which means I now can play a legal Infantry Battalion or a really well supported Tank company. I have one final infantry platoon left to paint.

I've been thinking about what I have and the only things left to order from various sources would be:

3x R-35 tanks
1x HMG platoon
1x Tachanka platoon

As I plan to use the "Across the Volga rule" for the heavier artillery I won't have to buy any of the heavy guns. The 37 and 75mm guns I have now will be enough to fulfill a static anti tank role.

Instead of posting pictures of the 2nd platoon on its own I took some army pictures instead. Sorry for the poor quality once again but its really cloudy this evening and the lamps in my room aren't intended for "studio" photos.

First here's what I'll bring with me to play as the main Polish force tomorrow. Infantry Battalion 1580pts.

Battalion HQ with 2x Mortars

1st Company 1st platoon incl anti tank rifle and light mortar + HMG platoon

2nd Company 2nd platoon incl anti tank rifle

Scout platoon with 2 sections and anti tank rifle

Cavalry company 1st platoon

7TPjw Tank platoon

37mm AT gun platoon

75mm Light Artillery battery

If need be, I'll always have the remainder of my tank company and could build 2 legal forces. One large Infantry battalion and a small Tank company to support it. I know that one of the players will bring the Polish armored train tomorrow. The allies will be boosted by a French contingent as well, mainly infantry. The opposition will be Germans and a Czech tank company.

Really looking forward for tomorrow (understatement of the year ! )

A battle report will follow during the weekend so stay tuned.

Make sure to check out this fantastic video that chronicles the major events of the September campaign of 1939 (with english text)


  1. That's a damn nice force, really lovely, looking forward to batreps.

  2. Good luck! Hope you're going to kick some Nazi asses tomorrow! Poland First To Fight!:)

  3. Thanks guys, some of the bases will be "pimped" with more grass tufts just like the artillery bases. Just need to order the right color from Warlord Games. These would mainly adorn the cavalry bases, and gun teams.

  4. now that is a dang nice looking polish army

  5. Looking forward to seeing them whoop up on some Germans ...

  6. Wow- I never realized how hard the Poles were. Make 'em proud!

  7. It's looking pretty Epic now. Bring on the Batreps.

  8. :-)



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