24 May 2011

Update on various upcoming stuff

If you guys wonder what I've been up to the past few days/weeks - then I'm basically working my ass off with school assignments - and am trying to paint up a horde of Polish infantry for Flames of War in between.

I actually received my BloodBowl "Big guys", the Ogre and the Troll for my human and orc team, and those 54mm renaissance miniatures I ordered from Siberian Miniatures are on their way. I have tons of cool stuff to paint but don't have the time for it until June 10th really when the summer break kicks in.

During my long painting sessions I've been thinking a lot about my French & Indian War miniatures, which honestly while being the favorite miniatures of mine don't get played with often enough. Mainly because my friend Calle is the only person I cared to lure into the F&IW stuff to begin with. With him or me being busy there isn't much action for our F&IW collections.

So I got this idea a few months ago about doing something of a crossover between my F&IW stuff and Strange Aeons. The core of the rules would remain the same, miniatures would simply represent farmers (civilians) , soldiers (agents) and officers (characters).

I am trying to write some weapon modifications - primarily to make Strange Aeons set in this era convey the feeling of gunpowder weapons. If I'm lucky I'll have something for this coming Saturday and the gameday down at the club. The main gaming for me on Saturday will be Flames of War Early war, so it really depends on how tired people are after that game and if I can get someone to try it out with me.

We'll see. I'll post my modification rules here on the blog - and all further updates regarding "Strange Aeons 18th century" under the appropriate tag to make it easy to keep track off.

As a sidenote, I completed my first play through of Witcher 2, and it was the best RPG  I’ve played in a long while. I really recommend it, but would also advice on playing the first Witcher game before jumping into the sequel as the sequel pretty much assumes that you are familiar with the world and characters. It might be the game of the year for me, I don’t really think Diablo III will live up to the hype seing as Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty was such a piece of shit boring game, Shogun 2 was disappointing and there really aren’t any good games besides Batman Arkham City coming out this year. I actually think Batman A.C. will rock, the Arkham Asylum game was the best game the year it was released imo. I might do a double feature review when the sequel is released. Oh, there is Oblivion 2 eer… “Skyrim” as well. But Bethesda has really gutted my hopes for any intelligent RPG’s with everything they’ve released since Morrowind so I’m not holding my breath for that one.

So there will be a battle report, a proper one this time around ,of our Early War FoW game this weekend, and perhaps a smaller battle report of the Strange Aeons 18th century game as well. Peter, one of the FoW players will bring his Polish armored train - really looking forward to seeing that in the flesh.

Oh, and the crossover rules for the new Incursion stuff are being worked on at the moment and may be released sooner than I thought. Jim Bailey got the latest draft today from me and a guy named John Roberts - so they might be released around the same time as the SNAFU book (June 6th). I'll make sure to inform when they are finished and ready for download on the SoTR forum here on the blog.


  1. who makes you FIW figs, i have been thinking of getting some for a while.

  2. @cbaxter I use Perry Miniatures "AWI" range, Conquest miniatures and a couple of Front Rank Figurines.

    You can check them out some more and read more detailed descriptions about the FIW models I have in this category http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.com/search/label/French%20and%20Indian%20war


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