04 June 2011

3 games of Strange Aeons 18th century mod

Strange Aeons 18th century mod testing experience
Played a mini campaign of 3 scenarios testing my modification further.  We ran into a few quirks and a couple of small and a few larger things will need to be changed. I won’t have the time to work with these rules until after next weekend so there will be an updated version around then.

The most important change is Close Combat bonus which was actually meant to be Damage Bonus but for some reason was named CC bonus.  Quite a difference.

Small things include translating a couple of standard equipment Lurkers might start out with into the new weapon chart.
Overall the mod work but you have to keep in mind that it is still early WIP even if the framework and my vision of what I want to achieve with this is there – some things obviously need to me fleshed out further.

One thing that was noted is that while Strange Aeons vanilla was quite shooting oriented, the 18th century mod is more geared towards close combat. With weapons being slower things actually have a fair chance of catching up with you and engage in hand to hand fighting.  It certainly adds a new flavor. Also, we played 3 very brutal games. It does feel as if the lethality has increased a little – so I will push the effects of the damage chart by 1 step. Oh and since stuff has become a little more expensive we started out with 18BP rather than 15BP. You still have the chance of begin with a character and 2 agents armed with standard equipment this way. So the first 2 games were 18BP and the last was 26BP.

Lurkers during all 3 scenarios were led by a rouge Treshold agent “Lieutenant Blücher”. To his aid he had cultists, a conglomerate, giant rat and a hybrid.
The Treshold were led by character Frederic DuBois, pole armed French officer and his two assistant agents Louis and Albert..

Scenarios played were Fight, followed by Treasure hunt and finally Retrieve the artifacts.  The Treshold gang to their asses kicked in each scenario even though it was close in Retrieve the treasure hunt.

Frederic DuBois managed to survive all encounters unscathed but his followers suffered greatly.

Louis suffered from a Chest Wound, which was followed up by Agoraphobia in the last encounter. Albert was first afflicted with a Head Trauma, suitably followed by Amnesia the following game. He was retired for game number 2 and in his place the Treshold agents recruited  Agent Joseph and two civilians – Guiseppe and Bertrand. Guiseppe would me killed in the lsat scenario while Bertrand along with Frederic would just be Minor Injuries.
It should be noted that the Lurkers rolled above average on pretty much all rolls. They had quite some luck in all 3 games. Though I loved their evil rouge character and his 1 die re-roll per game rule which forced the Treshold gang to re-roll good rolls in all 3 games.
I hope all pieces will fall into place after a few more games. I don’t want to dig around in the core mechanics beyond combat and weapons though I will need to rewrite a bit more and explain things more clearly. Which would make the rule document expand by 1-2 more pages.

I’ll make a newsflash when version 1.2 is ready (again, it should be up sometime around next weekend).


  1. Eye-candy! Your minis benefited from a *great* painting job indeed.
    Glad you enjoyed the test games: hope to see a lot more!

    I like the Cthulhu idol, though seen from the side it reminds me of Rodin's 'The Thinker' and thus, like this famous sculpture, can be interpreted as 'meditating about constipation'!

  2. Love the concept and the figures. Could you post over on TMP what the figures are. I am vojvoda there.

  3. Vojvoda, the human figures are a mix of Perry Miniatures "American War of Independence" range, French SYW miniatures from Front Rank Figurines, Indians are from Conqeust miniature.

    The monsters are: Rat from Uncle Mike's. Remaining monsters are from EM4 Cthulhu range.

    Hope this helps :-)


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