06 June 2011

Able seamen order complete

Finished this order during the weekend, I'll need to get hold of a new can of matt varnish as this one is acting funny. As you can see it did a poor job giving a matt coat over the models, they actually ended up more shiny after the matt varnish than before... sigh....

I liked the sailors, the big officer guy I have mixed feelings about. He does have a imposing persona about him, I painted him in a way to make his head look shaved and gave him a facial scar and dead eye.

On the other hand that hook of his is way to big for the model. Adviced the customer to give the models a second coat of matt varnish if he could. From what I know there should be a store selling Testors Dullcote up in Stockholm though I don't know if it is the brush on or spray can version of it.

The bases are custom made by the customer and cast in resin. They came painted as I suspect they want every base in their collection to look uniform.


  1. They're really well painted, the hook is a bit of a handful alright.

  2. Good job, it doesn't look that glossy on the pictures. Testor dullcote can be a pain to get hold off (apparently), especially the spray.

  3. Nice. I like the guy in the stripy top with the lamb-chops best.

  4. Yeah, I found it in something called "the warstore", affordable with something like 5USD/3oz can, but then the shipping was 20 dollars!

  5. Vallejo matte varnish on bottle is the ebst I've tested so far, the army painter give such random outcomes its almost silly.

  6. I never get 100% matt finish with the vallejo stuff either, it always seem to be slightly glossy afterwards.


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