15 June 2011

Early War - Polish 155mm Howitzers

A little something to dig up enemy infantry and swap enemy armored vehicles aside. With AT5 and Firepower 2+ in indirect fire this should hopefully keep the enemy occupied with concern while the rest of my army does the real work. I figure I will only bring these along to games that I know will be tank heavy as you are required to buy a light (75mm) artillery battery as well before you can field the heavy artillery platoon. And with the sucky artillery barrage value of the 75mm they are really only good for knocking out heavy armor in direct fire, which as far as I know was the historical purpose of those guns anyway.

The map is just a piece of regular paper that I washed and dotted with Devlan Mud, Ogryn Flesh and Thraka Green. It is then covered with superglue applied which I brush all over the map using a toothpick. It is important to make it a thin layer or it will go white. The reason for this is the fragility of the washed map once dry. With the superglue seal it will be hard and durable and wont break from handling the model.

As you may notice there are light green tufts on the base - these is due to me ordering 2 more packs from Warlord Games for decorating the remainder of my large and medium bases that are not part of a infantry platoon. Unfortunately I thought I had previously used "Jungle tufts" when in fact it should have been "Highland tufts". The Highland tufts are darker and blended in very well with the dark static grass I'm using. I liked the darker look of it all, but I was just to tired too hassle with another order to WG so I just used the light green tufts as well.

And yes yes I know Warlord Games "cheats" you by selling half the original pack and that you can get the silflor from other sources. BUT, I still think it is cheap enough when you only need a few tufts AND with the free shipping from Warlord it ends up cheaper than getting it from other stores, at least when you live in Sweden. One store in particular had ridicilous shipping fees for a pack of this product, you would think it was 2 pounds of lead judging from the price of P&P.... Also it is more convinient for me to order from Warlord Games since I usually order other stuff from there as well at the same time, and this stuff is always in stock.

It does look weird with the light green tufts, but what the hell. I also had to buy something else to fill out the minimum order value of 10£ so I bought some grass flock. Poured some on one of my bases to see how it would look like with the static grass. Looked pretty good, and it would probably tie everything together with the new tufts. But if I start introducing this 3rd basing material I will have to do it on every single base - and that's a lot of bases...... I'll see if I can make up my mind about that.

These Howitzers are from the Battlefront range just like the rest of my artillery. Really nice models, and easier to put together than the 75mm or Bofors 37mm guns The gun shield has a better fitting mechanism both at the very bottom and where the gun barrel is. Just like with all other Battlefront artillery crew I cut them from their bases and glued them with their feet straight onto the plastic base.

Don't forget the free shipping from GameManiacs this month on orders over 100SEK !


  1. It's woOOOnnderfull !!!! very nice


  2. @ Georges , fantastic video for SoTR man!

    @ indierickclimber, thanks - just a platoon of 37mm Bofors guns to go and my artillery park is complete.

  3. @ Anatoli
    Thank you ! more vidéos coming soon to promote the game in France.


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