23 June 2011

Early War - Polish army competed

Wish I could provide better "army pictures", but here it is. My 15mm Early War Polish army.

Battalion HQ with 2x 81mm mortars
3x Infantry platoons with anti tank rifles and light mortars
1x Scout platoon, 2 sections and anti tank rifle
1x Platoon of cavalry
2x HMG platoons
2x 37mm AT platoons
1x 75mm Light artillery platoon
1x 155mm Heavy artillery platoon
3x scout cars
5x tankettes
11x 7TPjw tanks
5x FT-17 tanks

This will be expanded with 3 R-35 tanks and a 2 platoon company of dismounted cavalry in the future (like a month or two).


  1. gorgeous army, and done very quickly!

  2. Thanks Steven, don't know about quick but it has been a long time since I did a "army sized" project. Wish I had a better came which could take wide angle pictures to better show the entire army in one single picture.

    I think what I have is a pretty solid collection to pick and chose from for regular 1500pts games. So now I just need to get some more games played. I started writing the Polish campaign file a couple of days ago but figure it will be roughly 2 weeks before that project is done. Will post an update of that this weekend.

  3. Wonderful looking army there.

    The polish armour and artillery look great en masse!

  4. There's a real art to taking 'army' pictures and I certainly don't know the secrets. I do know it requires a lot of space and very good lighting. Army looks cool though, so don't worry about it.

  5. Thanks :-)

    Btw just counted the amount of models painted in my army:

    350 infantry including gun crews etc
    24 vehicles, 13 pieces of artillery and 24 cavalrymen. I did the right thing NOT assembling it all at once or even counting it when I started out. At least building and painting a 5000pts WHFB Empire army a couple of years ago taught me that much.

  6. that looks awesome! my czech panzerkompanie will have something beautiful to fight!

    im looking forward to our next game.

  7. Very impressive! I love when people paint up less well represented armies like the Poles, Finns, etc.



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