07 June 2011

Great sense of humor Warlord Games

It would be hard to miss Games Workshops latest little economic raid on their seemingly clueless customers wallets with the swap from metal to resin (and if you haven't you've missed out on a lot of fun). I won't talk too much talk about this matter as there are hilarious review threads on the subject all over the internet, try looking over at Lead Adventure Forum or The Miniature Page - the pictures will blow your mind.

What I wanted to say is that this latest news of raised prices and really embarrassing crap quality of the castings with the even more so hilarious name "FineCast" didn't go unnoticed over at Warlord Games either. So in their latest email they wrote this :

"Finally Cast

Our Testudo is finally back in stock after a long hiatus and we are
also releasing some new vehicles for trade – Wittman’s Tiger and the
Sdkfz 250/1 Neu Halftrack.

We were thinking of doubling the price and
branding them “Finally-Cast” but we haven’t



  1. That is funny alright, good on them.

  2. Goes hand in hand with what I posted. Nice shot Warlord! http://bluntforcegamer.com/?p=4169

  3. Excellent video, thanks for the link Blunt Force! Will post it on my blog tomorrow, nothing new to me but people rarely think about the entire picture when it comes to GW prices and sales.


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