18 June 2011

The Guild strikes back (Malifaux)

Another game played during this week, which saw no less than FIVE Black Joker cards drawn by Seamus the mad hatter! Surely he had been jinxed prior to the encounter because I have never seen or experienced anything like that before. It was ridiculous and robbed him of 2 ranged attacks with his large caliber pistol (which is one use per turn only btw!).
Here’s what the gangs looked like this time around (as usual it was a 35 Soul Stone limit):

Resurrectionists led by Seamus the mad hatter included
Copycat Killer
3x Rotten Belles
Canine Remains
/33 Soul Stones, leaving 2 additional SS for Seamus to use

The Guild were once again led by Sonia Creed
Santiago Ortega
Francesco Ortega
2x Witchling Stalkers
2x Death Marshalls
1 Judge

Shared Stragety “Treasure hunt”

Guild Schemes , both revealed,  Grudge vs Sebastian and Hold Out.

Resurrectionist schemes, both revealed,  Body Guard Seamus and Stake a Claim

Special event “Heat Wave -1Wk/-1Ch range but it never kicked in.

Location Ghost Town.

The encounter started rather well, the Guild sent forward the Judge and the Resurrectionist chain activated Seamus, Copycat Killer, Sybelle and all rotten belles. Copycat killer landed a hit with his pistol on Judge and was kicked back 1” and lost 1 wound as usual (got to love the little fellow and his enthusiasm). Seamus flipped his first Black Joker for his ranged attack and had to move back to get out of range from the remainder of the Guild forces. The Belles managed to “Lure” the Judge into base contact with them and started hitting him with their parasols and clawing him with their nails LOL. He was swarmed by angry undead prostitutes and killed.

From there things started to go bad for the Resurrectionists though. The Guild had good luck with their attack flips, the undead tried to neutralize the pesky ranged attacks by sending forth all Belles into base contact with the enemy.  Witchling Stalkers and Francesco Ortega ganged up and killed Sybelle – Seamus had no card on hand to raise a new Belle and his pistol attack flipped a Black Joker – again…

Sebastian was severely wounded by the enemy master and had to fall back to to grant the enemy easy victory points.  Instead he sent forth his Canine remains companion to attack Santiago who failed to defend himself and failed to kill the annoying heap of dead flesh for the following 2 turns, losing health one bite at a time.

Seamus started to take damage as well, but being a psychopath he enjoyed the slaughter to such extent that he kept healing himself as people and undead around him were being killed. He managed to raise a new Rotten Belle to replace Sybelle and made her engage the Guild Witchlings to keep them in place. Sonia Creed forced her way through the brawling masses and attacked Seamus almost managing to kill him. Sebastian charged to help his master but only landed 1 out of 2 attacks and was killed soon after. Seamus sliced Sonia Creed, killing the Guild master, but looking up he saw that his entire entourage of undead followers had been killed and the treasure had been snatched by one of the death marshalls who was heading back to safety.

Attacked by Francesco and a Witchling stalker Seamus managed to survive but had 1 single wound left, with 1 turn left the Guild managed to pull the Treasure chest into their deployment zone scoring 4 Victory Points and having successfully prevented enemy models to move into their deployment zone they scored another 2VP and yet another 2VP for having killed Sebastian.

Being tired they let Seamus flee, ending the encounter a smashing 8-2VP in favor of the Guild. Sonia Creed had avenged the defeat from last run in with the Resurrectionists but had paid with her life.


Fans of Malifaux might be interested to know that I ordered a small Von Schill "Freikorps" gang, completely limited to Freikorps models (starter set plus one additional Trapper and Freikorps blister). I think they have their specific look and having read the rules I think they really work best on their own. So my painting schedule has 1 platoon of FoW Polish infantry left, then the new SNAFU Incursion releases. When those are done there will be some Wyrd models appearing, my first original models from Wyrd. Would never have been able to afford original models for Resurrectionists as you need two dozen models to field a varied force and at the same time being able to raise lots of units. Luckily the Outcast "Freikorps" are limited in number and don't have the habit to increase their numbers by spells. Perfect low budget choice I would like to think.

I still love the Resurrectionists as their close combat/magic oriented style is the complete opposite of what I always like to play (ranged attacks from safety). The Freikorps should allow for some focused micro management and completely different tactics than anything in the Resurrectionist crew however.


  1. Cool report, but one quick thing
    Assasinate is only useable against the other master.
    To off and gain VP for Sebastian Grude or Kill protege is used

  2. @Algard, You're right. Must had mixed up the names of those schemes in my notes.

  3. i really like the look of your minis for this game. they are less over the top and fits the game even better then the ones wyrd makes.


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