25 June 2011

Incursion - Gracie mecha

The light mecha supporting the MI-13 commandos in the tunnels of Gibraltar, hauling equipment and bashing down heavy doors. Painted it in Polish camo to make it fit in with my Polish SoTR platoon.

As I was building the mecha together, just as I had glued on the weapon attachments, I thought "damn should have left them off to make it easier to paint". Luckily it wasn't that hard to paint the mecha with everything built and attached. I think I made it a bit easier for myself painting it in a camo pattern than going for a clean out of the factory paintjob with lots of visible metal parts.
The camo was painted in more irregular patterns in contrast to my Cromwells, Tankettes and the Battlemaster Recon. So I call it "Mk II camo pattern".


  1. gracie looks great with the affe and the tankette. i was skeptical about the affe but your paint-job do make all the difference.

  2. Well impressed with the mech and the polish camo looks great.

  3. Superb model and great treatment.

  4. Love that camo, very nice contrast.

  5. Thanks guys, as I wrote earlier, I really think adding a camo pattern to the mecha makes it easier to paint :-)


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