24 June 2011

Incursion - Panzeraffe

This isn’t Donkey Kong. This gorilla has bionic implants and sports a heavy machine gun. knocking out teeth with its fist if you get close enough. After having painted 15mm models for quite a while I picked the largest 28mm model I had and painted it up yesterday as a change of pace.

The coming days you will see the new Incursion  SNAFU range painted up and posted on this blog. So buckle in for some Weid War 2 madness.

The Panzeraffe painted up for Grindhouse Games looks absolutely fantastic, though I found it to be way to clean for a dirty blood crazed primate. So I painted mine darker and covered in dirt and blood, even attempted to paint sweat patches in the armpits, along the backbone and around the neck and belly. I also wanted the weapon to look sooty and dirty as well and at the same time toned down so the main focus would be on the gorilla. Finally I wanted this to be an old "silverback" so I painted it more white/grey on the skull, back and shoulders.

The model itself was easy and quite fun to paint, don't know if it had something to do with a change of pace and size of the model - but I painted it up in a couple of hours during one sit so nothing complicated. I can see this model being used for lots of games beside Incursion, it's such a great and intimidating model.

Can’t wait to have all new miniatures painted up so I can replay the missions of SNAFU with the actual models instead of stand proxies.


  1. A great model which you've done some wonderful detailing on mate: very well done!

  2. That size comparison shot has me in awe!! Nice paint job! Must have!!!

  3. That's one pissed off looking monkey.

    Again, excellent job and thanks for sharing!

  4. looking good man ,this is a fun figure to paint up :)
    where can i find the SOTR rules for this fig..i used to have them but can seem to find them online .any help would be great cheers .

    1. sorry "can`t seem to find them" brain is clearly still fast asleep .

    2. Good question, it has been such a long time since I played SoTR - I was dead certain it was in the Doomsday expansion book. Double checked and it's not in there. So it must have been released in a standalone PDF as I remember I played with it a couple of times outside of Incursion.

      Looked around and it seems that you can download them from the West Wind forums (they have just recently been uploaded again - in the SoTR category http://www.westwindproductions-forum.co.uk/index.php?topic=3858.0 )

    3. Thanks very much man :)


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