26 June 2011

Incursion - Zip Kelly and Drohne

Two more models from the great SNAFU additions, UK character Zip Kelly and the German brain in a jar "Drohne".

I had some problems coming up with how to paint Zip Kelly. I knew I wanted the pants bone white and to paint his torso like a marine blue sweater similar to the one I painted on Paddy Mayne. The trenchcoat however I could not decide upon how to paint. Having several ideas and after trying out a few, I settled for a British "Para camo" looking pattern. The problem was that it looked so damn flat, had to highlight all 3 colors several times  to make it look decent.

Zip Kelly can also be used as a pretty cool looking mech pilot for the MI-13 mecha when playing Secrets of the Third Reich. The crossover rules for the SNAFU units were released a few days ago and can be found in the download section of the SoTR forum (you have to register to see it). So you can now field Zip Kelly either as another UK character.


  1. You'e painted them ALREADY?!?

    They're very nice, as usual.

  2. I had the MI-13 commandos and the one blitzhund painted up since before :-)

    Currently working on the Blitzhund II from the SNAFU releases, then there is the Bazooka APE left. Will save the 5 new sturmzombies for later as I already have a load of zombies from SoTR as well as Incursion.

  3. Looks very nice! I like the cammo.

  4. Love the cammo on Zip's coat. Nice one.


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