29 June 2011

Malifaux - Freikorps test model

After having played and expanded my Resurrectonists for a good while I looked over the rulebook and expansion to see if I could find some faction and crew limited enough to consist of a few models and with a theme of their own so I wouldn't need to expand them at all.

I decided upon the Outcast "Freikorps" which truth to be told look completely out of place, way too steampunk/sci fi to fit in with any other models in the Outcast faction.

The sculpts reminded me of some vague idea of "Sky pirates", I also think the Freikorps would work without problem in a Post Apocalypse game or Secrets of the Third Reich. I'll think about that while I paint the rest.

This is a test model I painted yesterday to get a feel for the minis, and they are as much a pain in the ass to paint as I predicted. Extreme amounts of tiny details that doesn't allow for a structured speedy paintjob. Models themselves are great sculpts and look very nice when painted. I'm just happy I only have 8 more to paint and that it will stop at that.

The base is the usual "bird sand" painted in two shades, "Jungle tufts", "Grass Green flock" and small leaves painted purple for that weirdo Malifaux feeling.

I decided that the Freikorps will be divided with "class" markings in form of a striped sweater. The Freikorpsmen (regular grunts like this guy) will have yellow stripes, the Librarian spell caster will have purple stripes, Snipers/hunters will have blue and the flamethrower specialist will have black. Von Schill, the leader does not have a sweater, as he is sculpted with naked arms. Though I'm thinking of painting his arms covered - not decided how just yet.

These models were also a pain in the ass to clean up, the mould lines were very fine but all over the place. And with that amount of details, cleaning was pretty hard and time consuming. The sniper rifles on the hunter miniatures also proved to be too soft for my liking and the rifles bend easily which made cleanup even harder.

As I'm out of matt varnish this will be the last model up on the blog for a few days, no point in posting glossy models if I have to repost them with matt varnish later. So I just wanted to share my vision for the Freikorps. Should have some matt varnish this weekend though.

On the bright side, this will free up some time for me to write some overdue newbie articles for Flames of War and continue working on my Polish campaign.


  1. its a cool looking model but as you say it doesnt fit the rest of the range. that is a problem with such a loosely defined setting. anything goes but will it feel right?

    no, go back and work on that campaign:) i have started my work in the candyfactory again so my hobby time is suffering.

  2. Luckily they get easier to paint after a while and when the colors have been decided upon.

    Painting the models and work on my campaign simultaneously. Multitasking ftw ! :D


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