26 June 2011

Malifaux TerraClips terrain and connectors news...

So more and more information has been revealed about these. I for one have been waiting almost a year for this crazy delayed product. Now we got to see some videos of the packages and how the cardboard pieces of terrain looked like. The quality looks solid, and it was a good thing Wyrd delayed to make it proper and high quality stuff since there were reports of serious warping and craptastic qualities of the early prints.

You can see how the box contents look like in this video:

However, I got really dissapointed when I saw that the connectors (small plastic clips) that you NEED to build these terrain boxes will NOT be included in the terrain box. You will have to buy them separately. The terrain boxes, reportedly covering an area of 2x3' requires you to buy 2 sets to build a 3x3' table which is the standard for Malifaux games. Each set is reasonably priced imo, just the right amount of cash for what you get. BUT, add the connectors of which you need one box per TerraClips terrain set, and the cost spirals out of proportion.

2 sets of connectors is pretty much the same cost of buying 1 box of terrain. Realizing that I could get a 3rd box of terrain for the price of some plastic clips.
How can you leave out a critical piece like the connectors from the building sets and how can you charge that steep a bunch of plastic pieces that probably didn't cost more than a few bucks to produce? Just watch this 3.5 minute long video of the guy talking about these plastic pieces... Gotta love the tip that you can store your clips of the same type in one single box.

This makes no sense to me, marketing the product this way will put off anyone but the diehard fanboys that have too much money to spend to realize they are getting ripped off. I was planning on getting 2 sets of terrain, but that was when I thought the connectors would be included. Now I'll probably save my cash and scratchbuild some terrain instead...

Fellow Malifaux players, and everyone else for that matter, are welcome to share their opinion on this subject.


  1. Checked Maelstrom Games, 11.25£ for one box of connectors and 31.50£ for the terrain boxes.
    That will probably be the cheapest source of these boxes and clips, but the whole thing is still out of proportion.

  2. I'd say that these are aimed at the sector of the market that for whatever reason lack the time, the skill or the desire to build their own terrain. Hobbyists good at making their own terrain will doubtless agree with your assessment though.

  3. They've said a few times these things are 100% modular. So if I buy 3 clip packs I likely won't need more than that for a small table. Why would I want them to drive up individual terrain pack prices to get redundant clips I'll never use? I'll want more terrain, not more clips.

    Coming from a fabrication background I can also say that its pretty likely the engineering of the clips was a lot more expensive then you think. And if they ain't Hasbro, they've got to recover that cost somehow.

    40k'r here and yeah, I'm stoked to buy some obviously and both companies seem like good people. Just my opinion.

  4. i like the way they look and could see myself play games using a grid on them but i REALLY do enjoy making terrain so I probably wont buy these. I think the price is fair and hope they sell really well and that they expand their line to include modern or sci-fi. if id build these I probably wouldn't bother with the clips and just super glue it all up and spend my clip-cash on more tiles.

  5. Crazy...and I WAS really excited about this product. Permenant builds seem more enticing now.

  6. 40kBOOYA, yea but then you have bought nothing but clips for 30£,compare what you get in those clip boxes with the terrain boxes. As you really need the clips, no matter how many boxes of terrain you buy, in my opinion it would be better to include the clips and at 5£ to the price of each terrain box rather than to sell the clipboxes at 10£+ each.

    What I suspect is that the setback of having to redo first the terrain cardboard pieces then changing the clips from "clear" to "smoky dark" color cost Wyrd some money which they now try to get back by pulling off this stunt.

  7. Anatoli, as far as I know that wrecked version they received from the factory last year had a limited time promotion on it BUT that was with a substandard (obviously cheaply manufactured) product. And this latest video they showed off tells me that they actually got it right this time http://www.worldworksgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9885

    These guys got burned by the factory. I think we should cut them some slack and at least commend them on not releasing a shit product. That's no small thing for two pretty small businesses.

    Like I said, if they aint Hasbro or Games Workshop, expecting them to just eat a year of improvements with a smile is pretty unrealistic. I mean, its not their fault that e-stores started taking preorders last year before they had even pushed this into distribution. People got excited and jumped the gun.

    Yes, I'm an unabashed supporter that's been following this since last year.

  8. Its is still bad mojo IMO for what they are charging with the clips .They can charge half what it costs if they don't want to box them with the terrain . You really don't have to make money on the clips , instead give the clips super cheap which will get people to buy more of the terrain , and get the ones that are on the fence to buy as well . Its the same concept as getting a free cell phone . People flocked to att&t not cause there service was good but because they had the Iphone . They didn't make money off the Iphone from phone sales , Apple took all of that . But they made a ton from all the people paying month by month for the use of the phone . Give gamers the tools and there more likely to buy more than what was given to them .

  9. Anonymous: How the heck is a small business suppose to eat the cost of engineering and manufacturing the clips? What makes you think they were "cheap" to manufacture? They aren't freakin Apple for crying out loud.

    People's entitlement scales are WAY out of whack these days.

  10. ***IMPORTANT***
    Well, there ARE several places online that sell for this cheaper price. 1 Set + 1 Clips = $55


    I see a lot of the complaints, and agree, that the price is too high for $50 (set) + $20 (clips), making these way too expensive ($70). Many say that if they just charged +$5 for the clips, it would be perfect ($55 for a set).

    I don't work for this place, but I looked and you can get 1 clip and 1 set for $55 total. The sets are only $40 ($10 off), and the clips are only $15 ($5 off). This makes it affordable!


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