02 June 2011

More models for pirate adventures

Received another small order to paint a couple more Black Scorpion Miniatures models, the same guys as before being the customers. 3 "able seamen/pirates) and 1 officer with a ridiculously oversized meat hook.

This little job reached me just as my final written exam for school is underway so I’ll see when I can squeeze in the remaining 3 but I plan to have all 4 painted sometime next week.

The matt varnish left the dark red vest slightly glossy, I’ll see if I can fix t hat during my next painting session. I’ve realized there are some colors that pretty much have a higher risk of ending up like this. Don’t really know the reason behind it, but colors that dry with a “wax” like surface seem to be more prone to this than other paints. If only I had that famous Testors Dullcote


  1. You took the best from the figurine!
    As for a slightly glossy finish, it may represent a silk / satin fabric: not an unlikely bounty for a leading character.

    Not tempted to add a few such minis to your FIWW 'casting'?

  2. Thanks, it should be mentioned that the base is 25mm resin, custom made by the customer himself. I was provided with painted bases for all the miniatures this time around.

    @abdul666, I have such an extensive F&IW collection that I'm pretty much fine with what I have without adding additional period models - as you'll see in the upcoming battle reports :-)

    The Black Scorpion Miniatures models are also 32mm thus slightly larger than most ranges - and larger than all the Perry miniatures stuff I own.

  3. Lovely. I have a similar problem - Dullcote is probably the way to go.

  4. Some 'pirates' figurines -quite 'unhistorically'- would not look out of place with F&IW 'civilians'.

    As for the difference of size (and 'silhouette') between ranges, it is blatant and embarrassing for 'regulars', specially if you try to mix them in a single unit; but 'irregular' characters can vary in size and bulk. In '30mm', there would be almost 5mm of difference between Sarah Shahi or Sarah Michelle Gellar on the one hand, Adriana Karembeu or Sigourney Weaver on the other..


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