30 June 2011

Polish Flames of War campaign WIP preview

Thought I could share a very early WIP of my PDF campaign book. This is the PDF where I compile the completed pieces of text etc, I have other word documents where scenarios and campaign ideas take shape.

So the idea with this campaign book is to cover around 20 battles. These range from small isolated actions or skirmishes to full blow army vs army battles that last several days.

I've tried to wrap my head around how to present the campaign itself, but the way it will most likely end up is that you'll have both "single battles" that are confined to a single battlefield, such as the defense of Westerplatte and battle of Kepa Oksywska and Modlin fortress.

Linked scenarios revolving around the same battle but where a larger geographical area is involved, such as siege of Warsaw, battle of Wizna and battle of Bzura. These will be pretty much "operations" where the players will play linked scenarios and the outcome of the previous battles will affect the following battle in one way or the other. Be it with additional reinforcements breaking through or the increase of air and armored forces available for the attacker/defenders.

The last type of scenarios will focus on specific army units, such as the 10th motorized cavalry brigade, and follow them through the campaign. Obviously the protagonists are the Polish in this book so the main focus will be on them. However, I will try to include a German point of view when writing this last type of scenarios as well. Especially since I have a pretty sweet file containing the German tactical planning and execution where you get to follow several different armies and units during the invasion.

I'm still considering what to do about the Soviet part of the invasion. Basically  the back was turned on the Soviet union completely, even as late as 17th September (date of the Soviet invasion) the Polish were pulling forces from the east to stem the German tide. So the Soviets didn't face much organized resistance, thus no memorable battles of the same style as against the Germans. Add to that the lack of Soviet forces in the Blitzkrieg book I'm thinking about only mentioning their part in the text and most likely not include any Polish-Soviet battles.

This is a pretty big project that can easily get overwhelming unless planned correctly. I also want it to look as good as possible. So I can't say when it will be finished, but I hope sometime next month.


  1. Nice project! and regarding the soviet forces in poland, perhaps battlefront will do a .pdf briefing on that subject sometime in the future.

    Good luck

  2. this will be awesome! i cant wait to get a game in that is based on a historical event. very inspiring project, indeed!


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