14 June 2011

Resurrectionists vs The Guild at the edge of Bayou

Played a game played at my friend's house yesterday.

35 Soul Stones.

The Guild led by Sonia Creed also contained
2 Witchling Stalkers
1 Executioner
The Judge
Santiago Ortega
Francisco Ortega

Reurrectionists led by McMourning contained
2 Crooked Men
2 Rotten Belle's
1 Punk Zombie
1 NecroPunk
1 Nurse
(Flesh Construct in "reserve" to be raised in-game)

The location was the edge of Bayou, where the town borders with the wild country. We also had a scary tree on the table which inflicted a will power test on anyone moving closer than 2" of it.

Strategy the Guild "Claim Jump". Move members of the Guild to be close the objective. 2VP if the objective is held, 4VP if objective is held with double the amount of Giuld members than enemy models.

Schemes (both hidden) "Assassinate" Nurse and "Grudge" towards Sebastian. 1VP if both models were killed under specific circumstances.

Strategy the Resurrectionists "Treasure hunt", claim the treasure chest in the middle of the board and bring it back to friendly deployment zone. If the treasure is inside the friendly deployment at the end of the game 2VP. If held by a friendly model in friendly deployment zone 4VP.

Schemes (revealed) "Kill Protégé" Exectuioner 2VP, (hidden) "Frame for murder" Crooked man with red shirt 1VP if killed by enemy master.


Playing the Resurrectionists I figured I would try something I had never done before. So I used my crooked men to booby trap the entire perimeter with their "Shafter" traps. Models ending their movement within 2" of such trap markers would suffer 3 wounds or be paralyzed (very slim chance of being killed as well).

My main concern was to grab the treasure fast and bring it back to my deployment zone where the enemy would not be able to catch up. Having 1 scheme revealed I also had the upper edge in potential Victory Points by 1 if I managed to kill the Executioner. Thus I had no reason to be overly concerned if the enemy managed to score full VP for their main objective "Claim Jump".

I did play a bit sloppy though doing what a Resurrectionist crew shouldn't do - spreading out over the table. But that also left the enemy to break off a few models in random directions. My NecroPunk and Nurse were up the hill where the treasure chest was located but were gunned down by the Guild minions. The Guild scored 1VP for that killed Nurse. I got McMourning up there to grab the chest and start hauling it back towards by deployment zone.

I planned to dump the chest with the PunkZombie and make it guard it while McMourning would turn back and enter the fight - hopefully being able to summon that Flesh Construct while being at it. The many traps placed by my Crooked men created a bit of annoyance to my opponent  as I had placed them so that they covered a long line which would reduce maneuverability and actions made within a wide zone.

A Witchling Stalker followed by the Executioner headed towards the Guild objective, so I sent two Rotten Belles as a delay action towards them to tie them up before I could get there with Sebastian and McMourning. I also attracted a lot of attention from the enemy master and his followers with my red shirt Crooked man as I left him in the open and hoped he would be killed by the right person. Luckily I had cards on my hand to defend him from the "wrong" persons and was lucky enough to have the enemy master unwittingly kill the "framed for murder" subject. Victory points were thus evened out to 1-1.

Things did start to look like shit for the Resurrectionist crew though, McMourning and Sebastian would only be able to summon Canine Remains and the Flesh Construct to replenish my ranks. Nicodem would love the amount of corpses to raise new minions of every flavor from.

The Rotten Belles tied up both the Witchling Stalker and the Executioner and managed to survive. McMourning got in over his head by spending a body part to gain "Fast" and rushed into the Judge and Santiago Ortega scalpel first. I had completely overlooked my own traps which resulted in McMourning not only doing a poor job damaging the enemy but also taking 3 wounds from the "shafted" trap. He did however manage to summon the Flesh Golem to stand by his side and even out the odds a little.

McMourning got brutally killed by the enemy master Sonia Creed as she managed to pull off a powerfull spell that pretty much lobotomized McMourning and replaced him with a Witchling Stalker. My only hope now was to get Sebastian into the melee and kill the Executioner and hope for my Punk Zombie carrying the treasure chest to survive. Luckily the Rotten Belles took a few hits which reduced the probability that Sebastian would be hit - so I charged the Executioner and slayed him earning 2VP for the Resurrectionists. Sonia Creed Showed up to watch the Withling Stalker finish the Rotten Belle left standing before she herself put an end to Sebastian earning another VP for the Guild.

The Guild now held their "Claim Jump" objective but they were out of reach and line of sight to do anything about the PunkZombie with the treasure chest. Both gangs scored 4VP for their main objective. The guild scored an additional 2VP for their completed schemes but fell short as the Resurrectionists managed to score 3VP for their schemes.

Fighting ended 7-6 in favor of the Resurrectionists (though their master and almost their entire gang was wiped out). But that is the character of Malifaux, sometimes you have to sacrifice units to pull off a victory. You never earn any Victory Points by simply killing enemy models unless it is specifically called for. Which makes Malifaux very objective driven, and having both factions have completely different set of revealed and hidden objectives adds to the fun.


  1. There will be another game, at my house this time, tomorrow, different setup for my Resurrectionists and maybe Arcanist enemies instead of the Guild :-)

  2. Nice to read this. Very much interested in the objective based nature of the game.


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