01 June 2011

Strange Aeons 18th century mod download

Here it is, got permission from Uncle Mike's yesterday to share my modification.  Perhaps it's needless to say but you need at the very least the Strange Aeons rulebook to play this mod.
Version 1.1 is just 2 pages of additional/rewritten rules. And 1 page of reworked weapon charts. As it says in the document, the changes to the gameplay are only what's written in this file. Everything not mentioned uses the default rules. Spells for instance are left untouched.

I've planned to play a couple of games using this modification towards the weekend this week. So more updates and game reports of this will follow.

I uploaded the filed to MegaUpload since it had the shortes waiting time for free account downloads (45 seconds). You simply follow the link and wait until the countdown if ready.


The file is 5 pages long, with a front cover page and a credits page that will be filled with FAQ and if needed an Errata as time goes by. I've kept the "rule part" of the file clean from color pictures to make it printer friendly.

For discussion of this mod I propose a visit this thread over at the Lead Adventure Forum:

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