08 June 2011

Taking on the evil empire

I usually try to avoid the subject of Games Workshop, simply because I get so angry thinking about everything wrong with the games and the company - having been a GW gamer myself. But following the "FineCast" resin swap it simply cannot go unnoticed. Visit any hobby forum and you will see topics about it. So I was made aware of this very good video yesterday.

Spread this video if you agree with what the guy from mini wargaming says. He goes into detail, and imo being way to polite, on what's wrong with the GW mentality. Basically going through every single aspect of how that company screws people, stores, the hobby and themselves over.

It is not a angry nerd rant, and he has way more patience explaining these things.

If you don't have the time to watch the above video this one below would sum up the "GW experience" pretty well. Think of it as a timeline where the start of the video is you being a newcomer to GW games and the end of the video being 3 rule editions and 10 price increases later.

This may be aimed at GW, but let's not forget Battlefront are getting pretty close to using GW methods with only recently screwing Maelstrom Games in the UK and breaking off all business with that store. Just as GW had a monopoly on fantasy and sci fi games for a long time Battlefront has enjoyed their own little corner of uncontested WW2 popularity with their game. There are still a important differences between those two, but it is apparent that large companies with too much of a market share are getting blinded by their success and allow it go to their head. 

A shitstorm has been brewing for many years. I think the breaking point for GW is close. Soon not even the most daft fanboys will be able to support the company when they charge 80£ for 1 single unit for a game where you need 10-15 units to play.I would compare GW to the late stages of the Roman empire, beset on all sides by "barbarians" (smaller companies and other games) knocking at their front door, empire and control shrinking as time goes by.


  1. A major difference with Battlefront is their listening to the fans. Early War was built with a major fan assistance.

  2. @jmezz382 I hope they will continue doing just that.

  3. Holy cow, learned a lot. Posting this on my local club's board. Asked a member the other day,
    "Do you guys play any other games other than GW?"
    "Yeah, sometimes we play Fantasy, other times we play more 40k..."


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