01 July 2011

Additional storage acquired

Got a second showcase today, much needed too as my miniature collection had grown out of proportion forcing me to store all my French Indian War stuff in one army transport and half my Flames of War collection hidden away in drawers. So yeah, I will try to keep myself from being dragged into new project for the rest of the year at least. Just going to finish painting my Malifaux Freikorps and the Orc team for BloodBowl. Initially I had my Flames of War take up one complete showcase, but then decided to pack the models tighter so I could have a bit more air between the rest of my collection.

Worst thing is I really enjoy all the stuff I have and play with  everything at least a few times a year. Not like I could sell anything off like I did with my Warhammer FB/40k stuff. I also don't have room for a 3rd standalone showcase so my main interest now will probably be in checking out rulebooks  that are compatible with what I already have in terms of models.

The two showcases are cheap rickety IKEA crap, but they fill their purpose. Still need to fix a lamp for the new one.


  1. I have one of these and thought it was good. I wish the shelves where a bit smaller and more numerous.

  2. Yeah at least one more shelf would be good.


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