20 July 2011

Empire of the Dead - 2 out of 4 London Bobbies

Some law enforcement backup for Holmes and Watson in their chase of Jack the Ripper. I also came up with a decent explanation about the bases. As it is an alternate reality, nothing says Jack could not have changed or moved his hunting ground to Hyde Park, which is close enough to Whitechapel.

I used the drawing as my main reference, found it after having made a search for "London Police 19th century".

Two more Bobbies and then some female victims to go.


  1. Very nicely painted as usual, although I can't help feeling that the blue is a tad too light. Any Victorian bobbies I've seen painted or in film tend to be a very dark blue, almost black. The Foundry site has some pictures of their policemen painted up.

  2. Very nice tidy paintjobs good work as usual


  3. Nice. I kind of agree with Black Smoke but it could be the light, or a choice. It doesn't always work to go as dark as we perhaps should on a miniature.


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