11 July 2011

Empire of the Dead - humble beginnings (WIP)

Started to trim and assemble some of the demo scenario miniatures today, more will follow soon. As the demo scenario is supposed to revolve around Sherlock Holmes and Watson and the main villain being Jack the Ripper I focused on these 3 and 2 London Bobbies. All models from the West Wind "Gothic Horror" range.

And as I am a fan of the 2009 Sherlock Homes movie I converted the Sherlock figure from having the "classic" interpretation to the hat worn by Robert Downey Jr (casually and a bit to the side). I also plan to paint both Watson and Holmes as they appear in the movie, using these pictures as reference.

I'll start painting these during the week. Hope to have most if not all demo models painted up when the demo scenario arrives.


  1. Are these new sulpts for the empire of the dead, or gothic horror range ones?

    Also, how do we get hold of the demo scenario, as I'd like to run it at my gaming club?

  2. Exciting stuff, looking forward to more of this.

  3. Amren all the models for the demo scenario will be from the old Gothic Horror Jack the Ripper/"London" range.

    As soon as I hear more about the scenario from West Wind I will let you guys know.

    Zombie Ad, thanks I think this will be a fun project as I like painting the Gothic Horror stuff. Used lots of those models for Malifaux and Strange Aeons.

  4. Cheers Anatoli :-)
    London Bobbies, civilians and generic villagers are on my next 'to buy' list already...
    I'm sure I can stretch to a saucy jack and Holmes as well

  5. You might want to throw in the victims blister as well ;-)


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