19 July 2011

Empire of the Dead - Jack the Ripper

The main villain, I have waited to paint Jack and the London bobbies until I got hold of some matt varnish. There was no point in painting or taking any pictures if the end result was so shiny so that it would not be possible to see anything. That is the problem with dark colors.

Jack, still not 100% matt, but good enough to see some of the faint highlights on his dark clothes. While I was at it I hit Dr Watson and Sherlock "Affleck" Holmes with some matt varnish. as well.

Here are some pictures of the mystery man and his shank:


  1. Nice work. I hate painting black.

  2. Yeah black is a pain in the ass, you always have to mix with some other color than grey to make it look more dark than dark grey. I used Khemri brown with black to make lighter black highlights on the cape.

    The worst thing is that you rarely see what you paint when painting black because of the glossy reflection, which can make you paint too strong highlights. Everything is revealed once you matt varnish the model. You either end up with "ok" results or way too strong highlights... sigh.


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