06 July 2011

Empire of the Dead - mini update

Emailed Wendy over at WestWind to check how things are going with their new set of rules, "Empire of the Dead", and got a tiny bit of information.

The release is scheduled for November. Currently they are working on a demo scenario which will show off the rules and ideas of the game. From what I learned the scenario will revolve around a famous London based detective and his sidekick as well as a certain famous London serial killer.

Expect that demo scenario to be reviewed and played with a battle report following here on the blog as soon as it is released :-)


  1. Thanks for the update, I'd been wondering what was happening with this.

  2. @ Amren, yeah I was thinking about asking West Wind much sooner for an update but it slipped my mind until now. Hopefully I'll start painting the models for the demo scenario soon as well so I have some proper models for the testing :-)


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