22 July 2011

"Hello Cathy" limited edition miniature

Saw it over at Steve Dean painting about 2 weeks ago and I just had to get it as a "grown up/adult version" of the little rebel kid with the teddy bear I painted up for a classmate earlier this year.

The model is probably still available from Cool Mini Or Not shop, the limited run is 400 models. It would serve perfectly well alongside the other whacky zombie apocalypse survivors from Hasslefree as it has the same fine/slim sculpting style. The model is made out of resin.

The Hasslefree "kid version"

Had to drive my parents to the airport at 5am so I have only slept 1 hour today, sleep deprivation didn't stop me from finishing my Polish campaign for Flames of War, so expect it to be released on schedule - this Monday :-)

 Edit: Added another coat of Matt varnish to her today as she was still way too glossy.


  1. Nice paintjob on both. love the fleeing teddy on the kid version.

    How do you paint the eyes? They are so small especially on the Hasslefree mini


  2. Thanks! I paint the eyes very early on, pretty much after the flesh basecoat. I use a very small brush ( 2/0). Start out with black , then gently apply the "whites" and finally either a dot or a line across the eye.

    As it still is early stages I then proceed to tidy up around the eye area with following layers of flesh color.

    You can check my step by step guide that I did on another minaiture, it shows the process in detail :-)

  3. That reminds me I've got this one to paint too. It really feels like an Hasslefree juvenile range mini.

  4. Thanks for the tips I will have a crack on the next lot after my SWAT and see how I get on.

    Simon aka Brummie

  5. They look so good together even if the material is different! I love them both^^


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