08 July 2011

Malifaux - Freikorps crew complete!

Finally completed the crew. 9 models in total. They will also get their baptism of fire this afternoon against the Guild so we'll see how that goes. From a gamers perspective I should include some of the Outcast units that are good in close combat - but I really just want to keep this a pure Freikorps crew.

The bad with this collection would be not having the flexibility of swapping units in and out of my list. The upside is that I only need to learn the rules for 5 units which should make my understanding of their tactics come much faster than when I started out with Resurrectionist and had covered 3 masters and pretty much all their units in the core rulebook.

My list for this afternoon, (35 soul stones as always), looks like this:

Von Schill -
2x Trapper 12SS
3x Freikorpsmenn 12SS
1x Specialist 5SS
1x Librarian 7SS
36SS worth of units and 3 SS in Von Schills pocket.

As Von Schill has the special "Henchmen reserve 4" rule he can always buy units for up to 4 soul stones above the agreed upon limit or save what is left like a regular master's "Soulstone cache". Thus my list is 1SS above the limit, and the 3 remaining soul stones would be used by Von Schill in game.


  1. Thanks Ray, they even did good today against the Guild. I'll put a battle report of it up this weekend :-)

  2. Well painted models strike fear into your opponents forces! :) Great job, still loving the purple leaves, an inspired colour choice.


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