02 July 2011

Malifaux - Freikorps half crew done

As I ended up without matt varnish this weekend after all, so what the hell, here's what I've painted so far. Glossy models be damned, but I guess it lends a new meaning to "shining new models". It is particularly painfully glossy on the trapper/sniper leather side of the coat.

Half the crew is painted up, what I have left is 2 more Freikorpsmenn, 1 Specialist with flamethrower and a second trapper.

You can see my idea of dividing the Freikorps into "classes" by different color codes on their arms. Each class have stripes of different color.

I also painted von Schill without any stripes as he has a different shirt. I also painted his arms to appear long sleeved instead of bare as I thought it looked a bit too unprofessional to have the leader in a tank top while his crew ran around in ornate shirts. Since he has bright clothes on both upper and lower body I made his hair brown instead of white. I really wanted to have a "clean" look about the model to make him look more professional and tough.


  1. Excellent choice for a color scheme, very military and intimidating.

  2. I haven't tried Malifaux yet but i might have to buy some of the models just to paint.


  3. Very nicely done!

    it's good seeing a different colour scheme for them!

  4. Nice. Grim basing on the guy at the botom! :)


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