07 July 2011

Malifaux - Freikorps Specialist

This was the model I liked the least when looking at the raw unpainted lead. However I grew quite fond of it during the painting process. It does however have a more "flat" head than the other Freikorps models for some reason. This guy is armed with a flamethrower, and can detonate the fuel tanks if necessary to inflict area damage if need be.

Other than that he is pretty straight forward just like the regular Freikorpsmenn.

The weapon may look kind of "Non metallic metal" like , but that wasn't really my purpose - I just didn't want to paint his weapon in a regular metal color. The shield and the fuel tanks were painted on a whim to look a bit like fire, initially I wanted to paint the Outcast symbol on the shield but it the motif didn't fit unless I would mirror it and then it would not look quite right imo so I abandoned that idea. This model also lacks any stripes on his clothing, I just could not figure out where to paint them. The protective gloves would look silly if striped, and I didn't know if it would look alright on the trenchcoat itself.


  1. Nice paint job. I love the Malifaux range and the Freikorps are my favorites.


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