04 July 2011

Malifaux stat cards review

Received an envelope today which contained a bunch of stat cards for Malifaux that I had ordered together with a friend to split the shipping cost. And these cards are one of the things that made me bitch and moan about the TerraClips terrain have "clip boxes" being sold separately - these cards are superb value for money in comparison.

Now, if you have the Malifaux rulebook you will also have to suffer through pretty extensive errata that not only involves typos, different wordings and changes to the main rules but it will also cover a lot of the core units from the first book (core rulebook). What also happens is that when you buy any of the original Wyrd Miniatures models you get these stat cards with them.

The stat cards released prior to the errata also contained the same typos and were for the most part obsolete after the errata release. However - Wyrd Miniatures were such good sports that they printed up a version 2.0 of the stat cards (which are also now included in all unit blisters and boxed sets) and started a "stat card exchange program" where people could send Wyrd their old cards and get a Version 2.0 of the same sent back - for free!

Beside that Wyrd also sells these stat cards separately, you can buy a stat card for every unit type for each faction and each variation of sculpt that exists. Be it to replace lost cards but primarily to let people who use stand in models get the cards even though they did not get the original models.

Each card is only 50cents/0.5USD, and it contains all the stats for the unit with all the special rules, abilities, spells and whatnot printed on these cards so you don't have to flip through your rulebook each time you use a model (which slows down game play considerably and also inflicts unnecessary wear and tear on the book itself).

So I bought 18 cards to cover all the units I had or would possibly want for the Resurrectionist faction, and my friend bought 30+ cards for his Neverborn. I know we had over 50 cards combined and I was worried there would be a mix-up of cards or that some would be overlooked.

That was not the case, all cards were accounted for - and they were even placed in the same order as they appeared on the receipt (the same order I put them in the store basket). So someone handling this cards obviously have a thought out system of handling orders like ours without messing up.

I don't believe they make any money on these cards, at .50USD / card it has to be more a fan service than a way to earn cash. The print quality of the cards and the stock of the paper is neither cheap nor flimsy.

I can really recommend getting these cards if you use stand in models, both me and my friend only got one of each unit type as our sculpts don't match all the different model versions of each unit printed on the stat cards.

The only problem is that you can only order these cards directly from Wyrd, it would have been more convenient for me to order from Maelstrom Games or any other place in Europe instead. The order took a little over 2 weeks from order to arriving at my house which is fully acceptable. The shipping was 10USD for international shipping, so my 18 cards amounted to 9USD made me ask a friend and split the postage. However if they handle each order in this organized fashion I have no problem ordering from them again.

Now compare all this with the "TerraClip" terrain sets being sold without clips and you may understand me a bit more. On one hand these fantastic stat cards that are dirt cheap - on the other hand what seems to be a way to earn cash on essential components needed to assemble the terrain.

Wyrd are obviously good guys, and I don’t want to end this review on a negative note. So I can only, again, really recommend these stat cards if you use stand in models. Let’s hope this particular service continues in its current state.


  1. I think this was a great move on their part and fully respect their decision to do it.

  2. On Terraclips: So you're basically saying you'd rather that they inflated the price of each terrain set by forcing you to buy clips even if you only ever actually use like 3 boxes of clips? You do get that its modular terrain right?

    Sorry but I'd much rather dump my money into extra terrain sets for the variety and coast on a set number of clip packs. That way I'm only using and paying for what I need. My gaming table is only so big.

    They are being the EXACT OPPOSITE of greedy dude.

  3. Stanford, if I have to buy 2 boxes of terrain to cover 3x3' , I also HAVE to buy 2 boxes of clips. Why the hell do I have to do that at all?

    Sure if you buy 4+ boxes of terrain it does not make any sense to include the clips in all. But that won't happen. And for anyone buying 1-2 even maybe 3 boxes of terrain also having to buy clips as a "standalone" product is a ridiculous expense.

    And I won’t fork over any cash for a petty product that has no rhyme or reason to be priced that way compared to what you get in the terrain boxes themselves.

    I'm not alone with that opinion as everyone who I play miniature wargaming with reacted the same was as I did.

  4. Anatoli: From what I can tell, TerraClips is like lego and I can see a lot of people ordering more than 2 boxes of terrain, just so they can do creative multistory layouts. And there's more of them out there than there are naysayers. Lots of terrain snobs getting their panties in a knot but WAY more time crunched people looking forward to it.

    The bottom line is that if the clips were included it would increase terrain pack costs and at some point that would be a total waste of money for me. Its like you think the clips cost them zero dollars to manufacture or something which is kind of a weird attitude. The people bitching loudest seem to think Wyrd or WWG are Billionaires like Apple and can just give shit away for free.

    I think you're being too hard on them personally. And yeah, I'm a supporter because both companies seem like genuine people just trying to do good work. If this is how they thought they should roll it out to be cost effective, then so be it. I mean, its not like they don't listen to people either. I'm sure they'll shift around product formats in the future.

  5. TerraClips would be like lego if you could actually assemble it out of the box ;-)

    I think it is a bad deal for anyone only interested in one or two boxes of terrain. So I won't get it myself and will not endorse it.

    I would gladly pay 5$ extra per terrain box to get the clips included. You think the boxes the clips come in are not part of the cost itself? There will be, indeed, lots of people out there wanting to play lego with the contents there will be people who would want to assemble and keep the builds assembled to save time - thus sometimes needing more than a few clip boxes.

    No reason to get over protective of Wyrd. If they could include the clips in the original flawed version of the boxed sets I really do wonder why the change of heart. Did they just suddenly realize the potential to please customers according to your description?

    Not trying to beat Wyrd down, but pure fan boyism and yes-man spirit is what eventually destroys everything that was once decent. Riding on the success of 2 books and a wide range of very nice miniatures I think Wyrd should be able to handle some critique. To better avoid tunnel vision of their success.

    This could have been avoided completely had they released 2 versions of the boxed sets. One with and one without clips. Priced accordingly. Give the customer the choice to buy extra clips. But why bother, right? I mean everyone has the exact same needs and ideas for what to make of the box contents...

  6. Obviously I'm not the only one thinking like this. You can check the WWG forum yourself. A LOT of people complaining about the lack of clips included in the boxed sets.


  7. Actually, the original release that was killed ,because the factory screwed it up, had clips and terrain packaged separately in bags. They had an introductory offer back then with a free clip pack because it was a cheaper product to manufacture. Move ahead another year and the product has improved in a bunch of ways.

    As for those people complaining, its funny because most of those are WWG die-hards who want WWG to keep pushing out cheap digital, PDF terrain instead of this tangible stuff. I think those screaming the loudest might just have an ulterior motive there, don't you?


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