21 July 2011

Mini update on my 54mm 18th C stuff

I plan to start painting the large models bought from Siberia Miniatures as soon as the Empire of the Dead miniatures are all painted up. The reason why I had not touched these guys with a brush yet was largely due to not really knowing how to base them. I came up with a dead simple solution that will look pretty good when painted - I simply used the cap from one of my small spray cans - I have 3 models and just so happen to have identical 3 caps.

Turned upside down I squeezed some foam board into it and cut a hole in the middle where I wanted the model to stand, then proceeded to jam the models metal base solidly into the walls of the foam board. I filled the edges and covered the surface with PVA glue and then sand.

It may look funny at the moment, but it will look great painted up with a parchment added to the front of the base. The whole thing is also pretty well balanced so no risk of it tipping over.

I know I could easily have used a piece of wood shaped exactly like this, but then I would have had to go out and buy some and that is kind of an unnecessary expense since you won’t see the difference when it is painted black.

1 comment:

  1. The cap is a great way to use something we normally throw away! It looks fantastic.


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