16 July 2011

Plank fences painted up

And here they are painted up, there is a difference between 3 out of 5 sections. This is because I initially started to wash them with a brush due to the GW paint gun jamming on me (it worked well after about half an hour). But the best result was imo the 2 sections that were completely painted using the paint gun. I also ran the 3 first sections with the paint gun as well.

The paintmix was an acrylic called "Raw umber", I also mixed GW Charadon Granite, a bit of black and Khemri brown in a large pot - diluted it with water and refilled the paint jar as I worked my way through the sections.

I just wanted everything to look like darkened wood. The posters are just regular bits of paper that I applied with PVA glue to the fence and then hand painted with black and citadel washes.


  1. They look excellent and go well with Affleck and Watson

  2. Haha Affleck & Watson :D That is indeed what I will call the duo lol!


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