18 July 2011

Polish Flames of War campaign 2nd WIP preview

Work has been slow but picked up yesterday, I'm in the progress of adding the operations and standalone battles, after that there will be some general information on equipment and a hobby section with models and painting guides. I have hopes to finish this campaign book by this weekend.

The final product quality will be higher and more appealing than my 2nd version of the SoTR Polish OoB as I learned a few new tricks in Microsoft Word.

What the campaign book includes so far:

Brief history of the 2nd Polish republic

An overview of where most of the battles took place

A campaign breakdown that explains the major events each week

An overview of when each battle started and ended in relation to that campaign breakdown

4 Polish Operations,1 German Operation and 5 standalone battles (29 scenarios in total)

Maps showing force dispositions and the German attack plan dated Aug 30th 39

Maps showing the operations and direction of attacks during the first and second half of the campaign

Biography section on Polish commanders during the September campaign

A section with stats and profiles for additional Polish units and characters that will be locked to a specific timeframe and operation

Arguably the most time consuming piece of work has been completed, with the battles organized into operations, sorted by date so I can apply timeline events and most research done adding the second half of the campaign book should not be any problem.

The campaign book will be packed with both historical pictures and pictures taken during Flames of War games.

My next update on this campaign book will be when it is finished and ready for download.


  1. This looks excellent mate, im looking forward to reading it when its finished.

  2. Looks bloody good my friend, well done.

  3. Anatoli, I am astounded by the amount of work you have put into making that campaign book. I will definitely read it as soon as you release it to the waiting public.

  4. hey you are crazy pal, in the good sense though :-) !


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