28 July 2011

Polish Winged Hussar WIP 2

This is one of the Siberia Miniatures 54mm models I bought a few months back. Finally had the time to start painting one with my campaign book finished and all other painting projects complete.

Well he is almost done, only the wings and the base itself is left to paint. And of course a generous amount of  matt varnish. The bright white wings will do a lot, this model will be really badass and an awesome shelf decoration. I'm thinking either of having a faded and burnt map of the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth or something about the Siege of Vienna 1683 on the front of the base. Haven't decided yet.

There will be another Malifaux battle report up tomorrow, then a "blood counter" tutorial and following that- a battle report on Flames of War: Early War.


  1. Looking pretty good so far. I'm a sucker for all things polish and hussar, will look pretty good on your shelf I'm sure.

    1. this is awesome! Where do you buy these? Where do you get the guidelines for the paint job? Can you buy them already painted? Any info would be appreciated; I need to get into this. Thanks.

    2. The minaiture is from Siberia Miniatures , a russian company that makes display miniatures in metal. Bought a couple of miniatures from them about a year ago and am very pleased with the service and quality of the miniatures.

      The guidelines for the paintjob are gathered from around the internet when browsing historical sources such as paintings depicting the period and historical pieces found in museums :-)

  2. Very nice Paintjob so far, Can't wait to se it finished. Love the Model. Reminds me of the Empire Kislev.

    Looking forward to your Batreps

  3. Excellent work on a stunning figure, what a unit in it's day.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys, it will really come to its right when matt varnish is applied - specially the red will be toned down and softened up a bit.

    @Brummie, I'm fairly certain GW gathered inspiration from the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth for the WHFB Kislev.

    @The Angry Lurker, if I had a time machine I would do two trips. One to see Nirvana play live, the other to see a Winged Hussar cavalry charge.

    Too bad all the movies on the subject are subpar, ahistorical or outright poor quality...

    There is a project on making a movie about the siege of Vienna in 1683 dating back to 2006, last news was that Italians were going to make it and were scouting locations in southern Poland. I started to lose hope but it might actually happen.




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