28 July 2011

September campaign additional download link

The response for my fan made FoW campaign has been really overwhelming and really surpassed my expectations.

The WWPD blog is said to talk about this project and its contents on their next podcast, Battlefront has put a link on their site about this, and the blog post itself is climbing on the "all time top 10" list, having 1500 views so far!

Now, I check the forums where I know I've put the link up to my blog, and some people apparently had trouble downloading the file from MegaUpload. There seem to be some problem there, possibly too many people downloading at once or the daily limit being exceeded. I have no idea.

I myself have noticed MegaUpload not really working as it should, it has not registered any downloads at all for instance and I've contacted them about it.

So to make sure you can download the PDF I looked around and found a second place to upload the file to. And found a place called "2shared", and uploaded my file there.

Here's the link (which I also added to the September campaign entry)


  1. There was also a link in my email-newsletter from Battlefront which i recieved this morning. They seem to like it a lot! Well done, its recognition well deserved for an excellent book.

  2. Thanks In Chigh, btw I can't seem to find any newsletter links or options on the Battlefront site?

  3. Once you sign in to the forum, go to 'dashboard' then 'my profile' It should be in there...

  4. Ah, thanks I found it with your help and after looking for it a couple of minutes. Very weird forum mechanics they have, signed up for the newsletter now. I had been a member on their forum since spring so I thought it was weird I did not receive any.


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