25 July 2011

The September campaign download

THIS PROJECT IS NOW OUTDATED, CHECK THE NEW AND VASTLY IMPROVED VERSION "SEPTEMBER CAMPAIGN v.2 OoB" HERE: http://anatolisgameroom.blogspot.se/2012/09/the-september-campaign-v2-orders-of.html

”The September campaign” is my attempt at recreating the invasion of Poland adapted to Flames of War gaming, it is meant to be played with the Blitzkrieg book though you will need both the core rulebook to decipher the special scenario rules as well as the Blitzkrieg for the army organization bit.

The book is made up of 3 parts.

The first part is history and background bits, here you will find a brief backstory of the 2nd Polish republic and the Polish commanders active during the invasion. This first part also includes a chronological list of the battles so you can see when a certain battle started and the end date.

There is also a page with mini maps showing where most of the battle in the campaign book took place so you get a bit of geographical orientation. I also included 3 maps, 2 of which are divided into 2 pieces each to be able to fit them into the document. These maps show the force dispositions on the day before the invasion and the German battle plan, the 2 part maps show roughly half of the campaign each, you will be able to track army movements and pockets of resistance, dates of battles and capitulations are printed on those maps.

The second part is the largest, and includes the campaign itself. It starts out with a few pages of additional units, such as the up armored prototype “9TP tanks” that took part in the Warsaw and additional characters. All these new additions are operation/battle specific, and each scenario will have a description of what forces were involved – shows the list of army organizations you can play, what units you absolutely cannot pick or what extra units are available to you during that particular battle. All to make for a more “simulated historical” gameplay. You will for instance find that you cannot field sIG33 guns or StuG’s playing the Germans, and playing the Polish you will have air support and AA guns for a brief period of the campaign (mostly first week and where it was actually active).

This campaign part is divided into something I call “operations” and “isolated actions”. Operations being a bunch of scenarios linked together by historical events, either focusing on a long chain of battles such as Siege of Warsaw, or around a particular army such as the 10th Motorized brigade or the 4th German Panzer division. The isolated actions are standalone additional campaign scenarios that focus on a much more confined geographically or timeline experience, such as Westerplatte or battle of Kock.

The instructions on how to play the campaign are all in the book, but the campaign is made up of 4 Polish operations and 5 isolated actions. This is the backbone. You may expand that with a 5th operation played from the German 4th Panzer divisions point of view, this is marked as “optional” due to the fact that the 4th Panzer was involved in a lot of the battles already covered by the Polish operations or standalone battles. This does not mean that the scenarios are exactly the same, the victory conditions, force disposition and units available  offer a completely different experience.

As a little bonus I added a 6th operation, that is not part of the September campaign per se – this operation centers around the cavalry partisans led by Henryk “Hubal” Dobrzanski and take place during the autumn 1939/spring 1940. This operation is sort of an appendix to the September campaign and very closely tied in with it.
All the operations will have scenario specific background pieces so you know what it was all about, each scenario will also have a brief summary of the action. Scenarios that are part of campaigns will have “battle conditions based on the previous scenario” meaning that the result from the previous battle will affect the next battle in line in a big or small way. This book is filled with 29 scenarios. You can of course play them individually out of context just as well as they play in a campaign mode.

The third part of the book is a “hobby section”, it contains some information on miniatures, a few tutorials and tips on the hobby aspect.

A bit more detailed information on the contents of this book, the September campaign allow you to replay:

Play the largest battle of the campaign, battle of Bzura. Fight the siege of Warsaw which also includes a linking scenario to the battle of Bzura and also allows you to fight around the Modlin fortress to keep the AA batteries protecting Warsaw running. Follow the exploits of the 10th Motorized brigade as it acts as rearguard to the retreating Krakow army. Fight the first battle of the campaign, battle of Westerplatte, as well as the very last, battle of Kock. Fight with or against the experimental German “Panzerdivision Kempf”. Make a last stand against the 3rd German army at the battle of Wizna.
Battles ranging from 500 to 2000 points per side.

I will probably write add-on material such as additional German operations and army organization tweaks but also much more in depth and detailed operations spanning multiple scenarios revolving around the same battle. Siege of Warsaw would be a most interesting subject for that sort of thing because there was pretty much fighting for 20 days from various directions and lot of circumstances that affected the siege.

Additional work and material will be considered depending on the reception and feedback, I’m also open for suggestions and requests. Though I should add my only interest for FoW is the Blitzkrieg book and the invasion of Poland, so all request would have to be on this subject.

Download linkhttp://www.2shared.com/document/TE_N2rvD/The_September_campaign_version.html


  1. this is one of the most ambitious fan-projects I have seen! thank you for making the polish campaign playable in such a professional fashion!
    now ill have to start making terrain suitable for the scenarios!

  2. This is seriously ridiculously cool! You should send this to Battlefront, I'm sure they'd put it on the site!

  3. Thanks guys, it is really nice to be done with the project. It has been my main occupation for the last 2 weeks, put a lot of focus and time on it to actually finish it well ahead of my next semester starts, who knows how busy school will be by then....

    Anyways, it will also be nice to have a bit more of context when playing upcoming FoW:Early War games. If all goes well I'll pay Widgren a visit this weekend for a game and battlereport.

  4. For me as a Pole, it is unbelievable cool!
    Thank You very much!

  5. Is there a easier way to download it?

  6. @Rick, sorry but the file is 18mb and I had to upload it somewhere. Megaupload is a free site and don't require registering for you to download things. Just need to wait a few seconds before the download window is unlocked.

    The site is/can be switched to english which should help a lot

  7. A very cool idea. The work you have done is tremendous. I wasn't really going to play early war but it seems I have to play your campaign.

    Just a suggestion: The Soviet invasion on Sept 17, 1939 would provide a nice addendum. Although the gov't had order the border forces to act only in self-defence it seems that Polish border forces were much more pro-active than that.

  8. Porkchop, yes you are right and I think I will add the Eastern part of the invasion just as soon as I can find some good FoW Early War soviet army lists. What I would need is really just an infantry and a tank organization for the Soviets.

    The border defense guard was actually pretty strong from the time of the Polish Bolshevik war up to the mid 30's after which there was a decline in equipment and quality. My great grandfather server in the border defense guard (KOP) during the 30's even have some pictures of him in uniform here:


  9. Great job. As with all your work, it is of a very high quality.

    Chris from Model Dads

  10. Excellent work! Haven't had a chance to read through it completely yet, but I'm loving it so far.

  11. Thanks guys, your feedback makes all the work I put into it worth it :-)

  12. Andrzej CierpickiJuly 28, 2011 at 9:46 AM

    A truly splendid piece of work - well done and thank you!

  13. Very nice work, thank you very much for your efforts!

  14. I've added an alternative download link now, for those having problems downloading through MegaUpload. The alternative link is just below the original one. Hope this helps.

  15. Impressive, most impressive...

  16. Very nicely executed, and happy to see that BF picked this up for a main page plug this week.

  17. Great work. Thanks a lot.

  18. You should publish and sell this! Or at least use this as a resume for battlefront. Wow!

  19. great work ! superb and free, battlefront should pay you for this.poles v russkis couldnt ask for more

  20. Thanks again guys, means a lot to me that you like it. I'm already working on additional material in the back of my head.

    Battle of Krojanty with its famous cavalry cold steel charge against German infantry. Additional German operations, and I think there should be enough material for a Soviet operation. Though in comparison the Soviet part of the invasion was much more psychological. Little battle was made against them, and they lost less than 2000 dead. But the border guard (KOP) did fight them and win at least one battle (name eludes me at the moment). So yeah, I also found a Early War Soviet list for infantry and armored armies for Flames of War so who knows :-)

    But don't expect additional material within the next month.

  21. Piekna robota! I'm a polish guy living in sweden since way back, so anything polish in FoW is my main interest ;) Wanted to do this myself, but you got ahead of me and I'm glad you did!!!

  22. Anatoli- powalajace!!!

    To be polite I will stick to English in my comment though ;)

    There are serious doubts that Battle of Wizna ever happened in a way it was described, I just thought I will point it out to you. My uni teacher wrote a well researched book about it and it appears it was actually rather VERY minor skirmish than the battle we had been learning about for ages.

    As for other battles (didn't have time to go through your book) there is plenty more that could be included- Mokra, Piotrkow, Tomaszow...

    Amazing effort with the book, I am totally impressed and I think Battlefront should sort you out for that work ;)
    Keep it up!

  23. Thanks,

    Mokra is included, from two perspectives so it plays a bit differently depending which one you play. Requires a train to simulate the battle :-)

    Tomaszow Lubelski will also be covered, pretty much why I did not include the Warsaw motorized brigade in the book. Figured I would save them for the future stuff.

    About Wizna, hm, never heard that before and can't find any "disproving" sources but it would be interesting to read the book you mentioned.

    As I said earlier, additional scenarios and operations will be written in due time. I already started collecting info on the remaining famous battles and additional stuff to form more operations :-)

    Battlefront said they would send me something for my work, though I will wait until it arrives before saying what it is.

  24. http://bialystok.gazeta.pl/bialystok/1,100421,7007423,Wizna__nieslychany_mit_kampanii_wrzesniowej_.html link to an interview with the author
    Anyway, really really inspiring job. Folks from my club (Brighton/UK) are well impressed with that book.

  25. fantastic work, it has inspired our little group of gamer geeks to start the Polish campaign, its Great. I really hope your work will inspire more people.. you have raised the bar. BTW what do the grey squares on the battlefield maps represent?

  26. Great to hear :-)

    The small grey/green squares? Fields :-)

  27. Excellent work Anatoli !

    I have mirrored your file on my web server as a backup: http://www.polebitwy.pl/pdf/The%20September%20campaign%20version%201.0.pdf

    Thanks for taking the time to create this masterpiece :)

  28. my review http://mightyminiatures.wordpress.com/2011/08/13/september-campaign-fan-made-campaign-book-for-flames-of-war/


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