05 July 2011

Tabletop Gaming News fundraiser 2011

For those of you who don't know, Tabletop Gaming News is a great news site for the hobby where you get daily updates on what’s going on in the world regarding miniature and rules releases to all sorts of games. If there is a new line of models or a game is being made, TGN will write about it. They also have this great blog network that tie hundreds of wargamingblogs together. All this maintenance and news updates are being run by only 2 people doing this on their spare time.

If you want to support a great site for this hobby then head over to TGN and check out the full announcement and how to donate (works using PayPal and credit card alike)


"Every person who donates will be entered into a draw to win one of the packages provided by our sponsors who have very graciously provided products to help with this fundraiser. And just what do we have available?

    Grindhouse Games will give one lucky donor a full Incursion set including the Incursion core game, the SNAFU expansion and an Allied and German miniature starter set

    Corvus Belli have donated three Infinity starter sets including a rulebook and the winner’s choice of two Infinity starter sets

    Secret Weapon Miniatures have provided two $50 gift vouchers and is also giving every donor a 20% off code for use in their online store

    Warlord Games will give one random donor a copy of their Hail Caesar! rules and two plastic boxes of the donor’s choice

    Mantic Games
are offering a $30 US and $50US voucher to their online store as well as a goodie bag of tools

    Spartan Games
is offering the grand-prize – one of every boxed fleet they offer. That is 22 Spartan boxed fleets for one lucky donor

    Dark Age Game
are offering four prizes including three copies of their Dark Age Apocalypse rules and one prize set with the Dark Age Apocalypse rules and Forcelist book.

    Brigade Models will be giving one donor an Aeronef starter set of their choice
Tor Gaming are offering each donor a 15% off coupon for use in their online store and one donor will win their choice of two Relics starter sets

    Wargaming Trader is offering two £15 vouchers for use on their online store

    Collins Epic Wargames is offering a signed copy of their Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 game

    Mannikin Studios is offering one donor all four present releases from Mannikin Studios: Rip Van Winkle, Bylot, Father Christmas, and Grimm’s Cat.

    Ambush Alley Games is offering a prize package to be determined

    Hydra Miniatures is offering a War Rocket rulebook and Squadron Box of the donor’s choice

    Darkson Designs has offered a package consisting of their three AE-WWII books and their AE Bounty sci-fi rules

    Outrider Hobbies have offered three gift certificates to their online store – two $25 gift certificates and one $50 certificate"

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