17 August 2011

1 year anniversary

Time flies and it appears a whole year has passed since I started this blog.
As this was my first blog I had no real clue about the direction it would take at the time of starting it after this past year I think I've covered all the areas of interest - miniature wargaming, boardgames and the occasional movie and book review. The decision to post something new each day came almost immediately, for me it is a matter of routine and pace.

I know it might not be up to everyone’s taste I feel it is necessary for me to keep the daily updates. This allows for both in depth stuff as well as those "look at this new model I've painted" entries.

Since I started the blog I've also mostly quit posting my stuff on internet forums, I still post the "hooks" to get people here on places such as TMP, LAF, Steve Dean and a few Swedish forums but what I really like about the blog format is that I have everything I've done, painted, reviewed etc gathered in one single place. Prior to my blog I posted one type of project on one forum, and another project on a second forum, with the blog even though it is not perfect with the "label" system Blogspot uses, I can quickly browse through my projects with ease.

The past year has also been filled with lots of new additions to my game collections - I just wish I had more time and opportunities to play them all more often. As my storage space has once again become limited and since I also already have a wide variety of models - I will try to keep to the games that I have over the next year (we'll see how long that promise will last). I will try out a few new rule sets that I've been interested in, but I will try to use them with what I already have. That doesn't mean I won't expand upon some of my existing collections, but I most likely won't start new ones.

The blogging got me through some rough patches over the last year, and really only good stuff have come out of it. So I want to thank everyone reading, commenting or just checking in on the blog.

And as for some of the more interesting and already planned for upcoming content in the near future:

- Swedish Secrets of the Third Reich tournament, end of August
- "Forgotten Realms" week
- "Wrath of Ashardalon" boardgame review
- "What's the deal with boardgaming?"
- "What's the deal with miniature wargaming?"
- Game mechanics - dice, cards or something else?
- Additional scenarios and background for my Flames of War: Early War campaign book dealing with the invasion of Poland from German and Soviet point of view.
- A look at old PC games with epic storylines
- SydCon (southern Swedish miniature wargaming convention), end of October
- More painted stuff, obviously

As my studies have reached their last year it will be interesting to see how busy and hectic the last two semesters will be.


  1. It's a good prolific blog, congrats.

  2. Happy Birthday !!! I think its great.

  3. I've really enjoyed checking in most days and in particualr love the SOTR and Blood Bowl entries. Overall I really like seeing your diverse range of great painting and modelling too. Looking forward to more :-)

  4. Nice! Congrats on a year. You're an old salt now :)

  5. Hazah, a year already. Hopefully the next year will bring an equally interesting assortment of posts for me to peruse in my lunch hour.

  6. Wow, a year- and a post a day at that! Congratuations Anatoli! My daily routine wouldn't be the same without browsing through your update in my email. I look forward to the new directions, especially "Forgotten Realms" week! You had inspired me long ago to create a blog of my own, but I keep putting it off. To see it is possible, well, I guess I really have no more excuses...

    Here's to another year!


  7. one down, many to go!
    keep it up!

  8. Keep up the good work Anatoli!
    Best regards from Belgium!

  9. A fine and varied blog. Happy Anniversary

  10. I've really enjoyed the Blog over the past year. Please do keep posting, as I love the variety of subjects. And thanks for sticking with it!


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