01 August 2011

Blood/casualty tokens [Tutorial]

Mostly seen in my Strange Aeons battle reports, some people have asked about the round counters with blood splatter on them. This is the dead simple way of making your own.

The counters are round 22mm transparent EM-4 tokens, they come in packs of 30 or something like that for a very very low price. I simply have 3 old GW inks left from back when GW was still making these. I found that Flesh Wash, Red ink and a bit of Black ink made really nice blood depending on how you mixed them. So there is no really science to this, just mix your preferred blood color and paint the splatter pattern of your choice.

If you happen to be using the inks than they will dry to be very durable on their own. If you use other paints you might want to give the counters a gloss varnish. Whatever you do don't use matt varnish as that would defeat the whole purpose of having "sticky fresh blood" counters.

These can be used for keeping track of wounds by placing them on character cards, marking kills on the board, or just place them for scenic effect every time someone is wounded.


  1. Those are really nice and especially for me...simple.

  2. Yes, I painted up 20 counters in less than 5 minutes. So these are super fast to make :-)

  3. Really nice and gory. Great idea!

  4. Superb. Tamiya Clear Red might also make a welcome addition, for that 'just-spilled' effect.

  5. Zombie Ad, exactly - the Tamiya red colors are said to be good for painting blood :-)

  6. I saw some of these tokens in some of your latest posts and have been looking to find some of the clear tokens... Any chance you can give some idea of where you got them from if you can remember?


  7. @Lord Shaper, IIRC they are from EM4.

    1. Thanks for that... I hadn't heard of them before and was trying to find something similar...

      Now to wait for my order to arrive heh

  8. I still need to get around to making some of these!

  9. Great tutorial and such a simple but effective idea.


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