12 August 2011

My SoTR tournament list for Swedish championship

This is what I will use this year for our Swedish SoTR championship/tournament at the end of August. The list is 55RP and follows our house rule tweaks (such as Sentinels and Vampires being reduced to 7RP instead of 8RP) and competition points.

"US armored platoon"

Veteran+Body armor 5RP

US Sentinel "Captain America" 7RP

Command squad 6RP

Infantry Squad A w packed LMG upgrade 7RP

Infantry Squad B w packed LMG upgrade 7RP

Comanche mecha: Light armor, small chassis, Flamethrower, assault pod 4RP

M10 Wolverine + improved sights 7RP

M4 Sherman + improved sights 12RP

Competition points +1 for having at least 2 infantry squads, +1 for including a character, -1 for having a unit with "Drop" ability (the Sentinel).

Competition points total +1


So a smaller list than I had last year, it will be interesting to see how it fares in the tournament.


  1. Love it Anatoli! I'm painting up some mech grenadiers and will post them soon...

  2. Nice list - small as you say but well rounded and balanced. Good Luck!

  3. @Monty nice looking forward to seeing those, are you posting them on the SoTR forum as well?

    @Paul, it is a pretty small list. The fire teams and having the command sniper and medic separately will increase the number of activations but there isn't really any "throw away" unit. The lack of long range AT weapons might also prove to be a pitfall since there will be a couple of army lists featuring LOTS of mechas and vehicles. We'll see. I hope to match people according to their army lists and competition points.

  4. Looking Good. I may consider going russian on this. I'm already have my beady eye on ebay.

    When is the Championship?

  5. Last weekend in August 27-28th, as it happens one day before my university studies begin again.... So I will be completely dead and worn out by then haha


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