14 August 2011

Polish armored train Locomotive

I went with the train nr 53 aka "Smialy" (Bold) since it does have an interesting history. Like most other Polish trains it had served in the Polish-Bolshevik war of 1919-21 and was upgraded with new locomotive and artillery cars during the interwar period. During WW2 it was attached to the Polish army group Lodz and took part in the battle of Mokra among others (and I can only imagine the German "WTF?" facial expressions when it appeared in the middle of their tank assault and started blowing shit up.

It was in the end captured by Soviet forces and then served the Soviets until it was captured a second time, this time by the Germans.
I also realized I had forgotten to paint the Polish coat of arms plaque on the artillery car - so I painted that on today as well.


  1. it looks great. cant wait to have it giving my guys the mentioned expression:)


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