13 August 2011

Polish armored train artillery car 1

Been crazy busy all week so very little painting has been done. Though I did manage to finish the first artillery car today. The turrets are the heavy howitzer version. It was quite challenging as I had undercoated and pretty much painted the whole train with my crappy GW spray gun  (with poor result) so I used those camo stripes as a foundation for my hand painted camo pattern. The brown camo pattern also looked a bit flat when I was done, but then I added an edge of pure Schorched Brown around the areas and it made that camo pop a bit better and not look so two dimensional.

I'm fairly certain that the remaining 3 cars will be painted over the weekend and the early next week. Which reminds me that I have to order some train tracks from TSS.

Then I also have to pick a name for it, and it is probably being either "Smialy" (Bold) , the train which took part in the battle of Mokra - or "Smierc" (death) which took part in the battle at Modlin fortress.


  1. Its looking great so far :)

  2. Looking good. Will look great when finished and on some track

  3. Thank you guys, I admit it was a bit daunting to look at the resin pieces and to start painting it. But luckily it is quite easy to work with.


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