14 August 2011

September campaign book review

I'm happy to see that people have taken the campaign book to heart. The response have been overwhelmingly positive and surpassed any expectations I might have had about the interest of this work. And today I was made aware of a written review which can be found on this blog http://mightyminiatures.wordpress.com/2011/08/13/september-campaign-fan-made-campaign-book-for-flames-of-war/ :-)

There will be more stuff released in the near future, I have a few sources that look at the invasion from the German perspective with the whole German plan of invasion. That will be used for additional German POV operations. I also managed to find a Early War Soviet beta pdf with Rifle and Tank companies which will be used as a backbone for the Soviet operation dealing with the invasion from the east and their fights with the Polish border defense forces "KOP". There are also a couple of famous battles left out from the book which will be included either as standalone actions or part of German operations.

The book was written and put together in little over two weeks but there was research and information gathered for a few months prior to my actual writing. So while I am gathering stuff and writing notes it may take about two months before I start writing and compiling the add-on.


  1. Well... You must admit it: its a very positive review.Well done and keep up good work.
    I'm glad that you turned to soviet invasion.Not a really well known part of history(not so long ago it was forbidden to talk about it) Looking forward to it.

  2. fans supporting fans supporting a game. that is awsome!


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