07 August 2011

Some pictures from our gameday 6/8

We basically had some practice for the upcoming Secrets tournament later this month, so we only played SoTR. Good time to check out if the lists we were going to use worked. I realized mine sucked horribly against specific opponents so I will change it.

Here are some pictures of some of the SoTR games that were going.

And I brought along Merchants & Marauders and got a 3player game running at the  end of the day. Awesome as always, it should be mentioned that we went pirate heavy this time around. I started out upgrading my Flute a bit and then went out to raid the nearby ports and sea zone - my luck ran out when a Dutch ship appeared in the same seazone almost instantly and it managed to kill me in 2 short rounds of combat. After which I picked a new captain and started over - going the pirate route once again. 2 players were pirates and one player went the merchant route - and managed to win though I was a close second having managed to pull off some rumors, a mission and a couple of successful raids and good trades. At the end of the game we had storms raging at sea for something like 5 turns limiting everyone to having less actions, and the prospect of sinking kept us close to ports at all times.

Oh, and we did try my idea of prolonging the game a bit by increasing the "deposit gold Glory point" to require 20 instead of 10 gold. It worked really well, and the Merchant player still had a very good chance of winning and indeed won by depositing something like 100 gold over the last couple of turns.


  1. Great stuff! Love the SoTR figures in particular and am painting up some Mech Grenadiers at the moment...

  2. Great looking pics as usual, love the SoTR tables.


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