23 August 2011

SoTR tournament award sheet

Been working on this year's award paper for the upcoming Secrets of the Third Reich tournament this very weekend. Last year we had a decent diploma for every participant. This year I wanted the diploma to contain more information so I googled around for inspiration - and found some quartermaster sheets with lots of information printed on them.

I figured something similar would be cool to have so I made one of my own from scratch, typing in the essential text in Microsoft word, then copy pasting it into MS Paint to draw the grid systems with more ease (and a lot faster). Then back again to Microsoft word, and pasting the medal ribbons I had made for this year’s "achievements".

The basic information will be filled out by hand prior to the tournament, while the remainder of the data will be marked with an "X" and hand written numbers in the remaining boxes. I think this will be great fun and more interesting to keep after the tournament than a traditional diploma.


  1. Cool. No embossed foil star? ;)

  2. Haha unfortunately no, though I was considering it. I also considered some sort of cool stamp with the SoTR logo but there was no time for that.


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