28 August 2011

Swedish SoTR tournament part II

A few pictures of the various games going on during day 1. I took some 90 pictures all in all and will post the pictures from my 2 games along with some battle reports as well as the pictures of all the forces next week when I have some more time to organize them. Same thing with any pictures taken/games played today.

Yesterday I played a 5-2 victory against the Swedish partisan platoon, that was a damn tough and very even game! I also played a 7-3 defeat against the APE platoon. Two more games to go today, first one will be against the British para platoon, and the other will be against Knarloc's UK rifle platoon. We'll see how it goes. At the moment my chances of placing 1-3rd place are slim but the games played have been tense and brutal so it has been made up for :-)

It will be interesting to see who wins the sportsmanship award, and there was a vote for those armies that had entered best painted yesterday, results will be revealed today.

So expect a lot more Secrets of the third Reich coverage up to probably midweek.


  1. Nice Pics looks like you all had a blast

  2. Back from day 2, full report will come early next week along with battle reports and pictures for each of the 4 games I played, player rankings etc :-)


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