29 August 2011

Swedish SoTR tournament part III

The SoTR tournament came and went, I think everyone had a good time. I was completely exhausted but still had a great time, all my 4 battles were very suspensefull. The victories were close and the defeats were close as well - I prefer that experience to being crushed or crush the opponent. I will post battle reports of my 4 battles in a day or two, still have a ton of pictures to sort and edit.

In the meantime here are the highlights of the tournament.

1st place Viktor / "Sikil"
with his UK paratrooper platoon. He was also the one to achieve "most victory points" as well as "most deadly player" badges on his award sheet.

2nd place Peter / "Holma"
with his US A.P.E. platoon

3rd place went to Erik "Defender of Sweden"
with his Swedish partisans (really well earned)

Our "best painted" was a new feature for this year, and we made it separate from the rest of the tournament as such that you paid a small extra fee if you wanted to be included and if you didn't want to take part in the competition you didn't have to. Though everyone attending had 1 vote  that could spend. I won the best painted with my US Armoured infantry platoon. Though as I was took part as a "filler" in the competition I gave away my price to Viktor/"Sikil" since we had talked about the use of the model I won for SoTR and he had some pretty cool ideas.

The "Sportsmanship award" was split between myself and David / "Kungkola", we each got our own little AT43 mech :-)

Rankings from 1st to 12th

1 UK Paratroopers Viktor/"Sikil"
2 US APE Peter/"Holma"
3 Swedish Partisans Erik/"Defender of Sweden"
4 German mech grenadiers David/"Kungkola"
5 UK rifle platoon Mats/"Figur"

6 UK rifle platoon Marcus /"Knarloc"/"Birre"
7 Soviet Survivor Anton "Naymari"
8 US AI Platoon Alexander /"Anatoli"
9 Siberian Subhuman platoon Daniel/"HarmlessDecoy"
10 Soviet Survivor Jonas/"Pelto"
11 Soviet mech platoon Calle/"Millmir"
12 US AI platoon Jesper

Pictures of all the remaining armies (well except for Pelto's Survivors, sorry Pelto but you probably had not deployed them yet when I went my round to take pictures...).

The player matchups for the 2 day tournament can be seen below:

And here's a bucketload of pictures from day 2 of all the  battles going on (still saved pretty much all the pictures from my own 4 battles for the battle reports that I will post later on).


  1. Love the blog! Have just bought my first SOTR figures. INSPIRED!

  2. Glad to hear it meadows boy, I think most of use had our SoTR spirit enhanced after the tournament. My buddy Calle/"Millmir" had a sudden urge to paint some of his leftover stuff and I look forward to buying some Crow Dogs for my US Platoon :-)

  3. I have gone US, ebay bargains and I have some corgi vehicles somewhere!

  4. oh, where did you get the Hellcat from?

  5. You mean the M10 Wolverine? Both my M4 Sherman and M10 Wolverine are the 1:60 (on the small side) West Wind WW2 Berlin or Bust range resin vehicles.

  6. Thanks Anatoli, yes the Wolverine!

  7. Seeing Partisans coming out third gives me a good feeling about the balance in SoTR!

    Well done to everyone and looks like two days of good fun!

  8. Well, we had a comp system this year, his army received +5 Victory points which were added at the end of the tournament, without it he would have been 4/12 which is still good.

    But we also tried to match armies to get somewhat balanced games as far as we could, he did actually quite well and did beat the Soviet Mech platoon list which I was certain was going to win but which ended on 11th place!


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