15 August 2011

Templar's Forge WW2/FoW template set review

A few weeks ago when I posted my latest Flames of War battle report you may have seen some weird looking purple templates in the corner of some pictures. Those were my friends "Templar’s Forge" WW2 templates - and after having seem them up close and heard about the rather low price I ordered the "Imperial essential template set" through Maelstrom Games.

At £10 you get 1 artillery template, 3 smoke template "frames" and 1 small range indicator for measuring short ranges before/after assaults. All templates are perfectly sized for Flames of War and are probably made with that game in mind.

I don't really have any info on TemplarForge themselves, but I saw that they have numerous packs of templates for Flames of War in various packs. Double and triple smoke, double artillery barrage etc. The one I got is probably a good start for anyone getting into Flames of War.

The artillery template is tinted purple and unlike the Flames of War original templates it lacks all that printed on information. Not hard to figure out why as they are as close to knockoffs as you can get I suppose. They do have some markings and show the direction of the artillery fire. For what it is, a piece of 6x6" plastic, it fullfills its purpose adequatly.

Now the smoke templates, or rather "smoke frames" are much cooler and the best idea for smoke barrages for Flames of War that I have seen. The idea is so simple that I would never have thought of it myself. I have seen people use cotton balls, 3D paper smoke screens that create a wall around the smoked area and players using sheets of white wool placed on models to show which ones are within the smoke. However this is so much better, this slim frame outlines the smoke barrage elegantly and lets you place it on the ground or however you please without obscuring anything but showing everything! The smoke frames also have numbers along the edges for that "wind direction" scatter roll you make.

You also get this little range indicator as it is called. It is simply a small tool to allow you to check the distances of 6", 4"and 2" depending on which end you use. A simple tool to check unit coherency, assault ranges and many other bits of information you may want to accquire fast during your Flames of War game.

This "essential" pack is very priceworthy compared to other manufactured stuff out there. I know you can make all of this yourself, but I think this is a solid product that could be interesting for any Flames of War gamer out there.

You can check out all the template packs from Templar’s Forge over at Maelstrom Games here: http://www.maelstromgames.co.uk/index.php?act=cat&cre=hob-tpf-tpl


  1. Are these templates actually accurate to 6", 4" etc. The ones from Battlefront are not - the 6" artillery template is actually 2mm smaller than 6".

  2. These are exactly 6"x6". Battlefront probably uses the metric system which would explain the missing mm, with them being 15x15cm

  3. They look and sound great especially the smoke marker.

  4. as they are made by maelstroms own brand they are not discounted in the webstore. BUT when they have a discount drive they get discounted heavily. the quality and the products are great! i do recomend them too.

  5. Looks good! Been thinking of how to represent smoke in FoW and those squares seem to do the job well.


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