25 September 2011


That is pretty cool, just wanted to welcome my latest follower , which I believe is "styx" if the follower list is correct. I want also, of course, to thank everyone else following this blog.

200 followers in just little over a year feels really good, and I hope I can keep providing interesting stuff for all new and old followers to enjoy. I should also mention that page viewings have increased from an average of 16.000 last year, to 20.000 a couple of months ago, and the last 3-4 months it has increased to around 25.000 views per month. So It's pretty cool that the blog is still growing and attracting a larger audience as time goes by, even a year after starting it up.

You can always post request if you want to see more of something featured on the blog, or just drop me an email if you want me to bring something up or run a review off something, or just come up with recommendations. Earlier this week I got a few emails from different people giving me tips on alternative Old West rulesets - which means I will (when time permits) read them all, try them out and get back with a comparison/review post which hopefully will be able to point out which rules you might want to go for if you like simpler/more complex/realistic rules and such.

The coming week will be a switch back to working on some terrain, I've had a ton on stuff on hold due to lack of the "fine turf" I had ordered from Maelstrom Games and then being knocked out by a vicious cold. Started working on some things yesterday as I felt better, so expect to see some cool terrain that will enhance both my own gaming and the battle reports from those games a LOT.


  1. Personally I find the rules, and board game reviews most interesting as they get me onto new periods etc.

  2. Yeah I like doing those a lot myself :-)

  3. So, what is my prize? Grocery stores give away stuff to their magic # of customers! Heh....

    You have me interested in the Legends of the Old West ATM. Never was into historicals much until now, which tells me I am getting older now.

  4. Congratulations - I too like the wide variety of fun here, and the great painting too of course!

  5. Congrats sir, you are a prolific blogger and a its a damn good blog.

  6. Congrats! Not a follower yet, but since I check your blog twice a week, I might as well become one now. :) I came over your blog looking for stuff about Secrets of the Third Reich ans as little representation as the game gets online, I found really in-depth stuff on your blog, which told me most of the things I wanted to know, so thanks for that.
    I found I like your choice of other topics as well, so I'm staying tuned. If, after you're through with the West, you decide to have a go at the different pirate skirmish rules, I'd be mighty interested. :)

  7. @Styx hehe - well there will be more Old West stuff as soon as my terrain gets made. Aiming on having a game this coming weekend with my to play some Old West/Strange Aeons with my buddy Calle and FoW with my buddy Widgren. Just hope nothing screws up our plans this time.

  8. Good luck with your game. I am in the process of trying to figure out what minis to buy and what scenery to build. I have some friends in the area that said they would give it a try.

    Thinking of building about 4-6 posse groups and then a simple set of scenery like a Mexican style houses. Simple block houses with flat roofs. That way I can be ready in 2012 to kick off playing and I can add as I go.

    Also may open up another blog off my main one to focus on the Legends of the Old West building up the posse groups, painting, scenery and such. I have already started to write up some house rules after doing some research to add to the blog (new trading post stuff and skill list) and I already have a ton of scenario ideas.

    My wife laughed at me over the weekend looking at 1/64 western toys.


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