28 September 2011

3 new buildings

I got my friend Calle to sell me his collection of ESLO buildings, 6 buildings in total. 4 residential, 1 smithy and 1 brewery. This became a great shortcut as I would otherwise have to buy resin kits and build/paint everything from scratch. This trade actually saved me some money and most of all precious time.

On the whole these houses are pretty much "ready to play", but some of them have a really basic paintjob which had to be improved. I also needed to do something about the bright green bases.

So my general vision for these buildings is that they should look worn and old. Thus I painted them to look as if the paint has really worn off. The green grass was coated with PVA glue and covered with the mixed Earth/Soil turf. It does not matter if small bits of the underlying grass will be visible as that will look like weeds - the important thing was to darken as much of the bases as possible to make them blend with my new gameboard.

The buildings had some half assed paintjobs in specific places, the chimney, the windows and the doors in particular have to be repainted/touched up on all houses. The building walls and roof paintjob quality varies between all 6 terrain pieces.
I will post pictures of the 3 remaining buildings sometime around the weekend. Don't really have time to work on more terrain until Friday. I will put some pictures of the new terrain laid out on a 2x4 gaming area tomorrow so you guys can see how things are shaping up.
Touching up each building does not take that long, 30-90 minutes spent on painting and 15-20minutes spent on fixing the base.


  1. Looks great! That was a good trade it seems and your touch ups are well done!

  2. They still look great though. You need some British soldiers hiding from werewolves now!

  3. Well, this is a superfast supergood effect!!

  4. I like the smithy, great looking buildings.

  5. Thanks guys, while I was tinkering with these buildings I got a really far out idea. For those of you familiar with the PC game "Diablo", what if you would have a Diablo game set in the 1920's?

    Got me thinking about all kinds of cool horror/Lovecraft/Diablo crossover ideas for a Strange Aeons campaign.

  6. Wonderful terrain - the smithy is my fav too!

  7. Now that would be interesting a Call of Cthulhu miniatures game. Problem is nobody would want to play the good guys as the Eldar Gods would usually win. *laugh*


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