08 September 2011


2 resin barns, also from Total System Scenics just like the small stone building. I chose to give one some wooden floor while I kept the other "bottomless" (sounds dirty). Why? Well I wanted one of them to be built straight on the ground, it will make sense later on when I have finished my game table. Speaking of that, I'm still waiting for the goddamn "shaker" bottles I ordered from Maelstrom Games, over a week and still "processing"!

This sucks because I've been busy with school all week and will finally have some spare time to tinker with more time consuming terrain this weekend - and I'm still waiting for the flock to both remake my board surface and with which I will cover all new terrain pieces..... *sigh*...

I also received some Renedra stuff which I will review this weekend, I had ordered the fences and the gravestones. Less happy with the fences , more happy with the gravestones so maybe it evened out in the end.

Not overly exciting pieces of terrain, but they will look the part together with the remaining terrain once the table is done. They were also a bit hard to take pictures of due to their size.
I'm still thinking whether or not to "dirty them down" a bit more, around the edges and along the bottom and around the doors.


  1. Not bad at all, but maybe they look a little too 'clean' indeed?

  2. They look nice enough, but dirtying them up a bit would make them even better, I think.
    I like the bottomless barn concept, as it is often as they are found in real life.
    Good luck!


  3. I agree - a bit more dirt/weathering will do wonders I think. Watch out for the horror within though... :-D

    I just did some Renedra gravestones too - brilliant little bits aren't they!!!

  4. Good but can agree need dirtying up they are too clean! Are those Pulp Figures?

  5. The Navy guys are "CannonFodder miniatures" , the guy with the knife is from WestWind. I use them for my Strange Aeons games and whatever other pulp/horror stuff they might fit into :-)


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